Saturday, January 05, 2008

2008 Races- January Ratings

Now that it is 2008, I had initially wanted to once again give (somewhat) brief summaries of what is happening in all of the 2008 races for Governor and U.S. Senate, as I did once a season in 2007. I was going to do this in January and then again in March, but I realize that I just do not have the time or energy to once again commit to such an effort, that very few people will read anyway.

However, once it becomes; let's say August, I will start my 2008 Race of the Day and give more lengthy descriptions of all these races as they will then be at a point where they will have really started to take shape.

What I am going to now instead though is merely offer ratings for these races, once a month, based on what I anticipate happening in November, based on current events. I will revisit this in February and note any changes that I might have made since. As always, please feel free to give your opinions in the comments.

So, here goes:

AL Sen- Safe R

AK Sen- Leans R

AR Sen- Likely D

CO Sen- Tossup (R)

DE Gov- Leans D

DE Sen- Likely D

GA Sen- Safe R

ID Sen- Safe R

IL Sen- Safe D

IN Gov- Leans R

IA Sen- Likely D

KS Sen- Safe R

KY Sen- Likely R

LA Sen- Tossup (R)

ME Sen- Likely R

MA Sen- Likely D

MI Sen- Safe D

MN Sen- Leans R

MS Sen A- Safe R

MS Sen B- Likely R

MO Gov- Tossup (R)

MT Gov- Likely D

MT Sen- Likely D

NE Sen- Safe R

NH Gov- Likely D

NH Sen- Tossup (R)

NJ Sen- Leans D

NM Sen- Leans D

NC Gov- Tossup (D)

NC Sen- Likely R

ND Gov- Safe R

OK Sen- Safe R

OR Sen- Leans R

RI Sen- Safe D

SC Sen- Safe R

SD Sen- Likely D

TN Sen- Safe R

TX Sen- Likely R

UT Gov- Safe R

VT Gov- Likely R

VA Sen- Likely D

WA Gov- Tossup (D)

WV Gov- Safe D

WV Sen- Safe D

WY Sen A- Safe R

WY Sen B- Likely R