Wednesday, May 12, 2010

American Idol Top 4 Rankings

Full write-up will appear this weekend.

While the duets are interesting and while they were the two best performances of the night, being the Idol purist that I am, it sort of makes the competition aspect of the week sort of weird. That was especially the case this week with the order of performances and how Lee sang twice before Casey sang once. In ranking the "rounds", I simply had to lump all the first performances up and then all the second performances, regardless of if they were solo or duo. Still furthermore, it was sort of tough to rank them. From worst to best-

Round 1

4. Lee DeWyze
3. Casey James
2. Michael Lynche
1. Crystal Bowersox

Round 2

4. Casey James
3. Michael Lynche
2. Crystal Bowersox
1. Lee DeWyze

Then for the Combined Rankings, I had to average the two scores together and use a tie-breaker for second place

4. Casey James
3. Michael Lynche
2. Lee DeWyze
1. Crystal Bowersox

Pretty sure, it will either be Casey or Big Mike, who will be figuratively be going home, but not literally, as the Top 3 will on Friday (I suppose if I was really invested this season, I could try to check out Lee's mini concert at Arlington Park), but I will say, for the second week in a row, it will be Casey who is voted off.