Wednesday, May 08, 2013

American Idol Top 3

I have had a day that I absolutely wish to forget, related to personal computer issues. It's been a nightmare, but I think I have survived the worst of it (at least for now) and I need to remind myself that things can always be worse. And to think, I was so relatively happy when I went to sleep last night, due to sports and electoral results. I should never have gotten out of bed today.

Anyway, I guess the way to end my day is to watch a recording of American Idol, which I of course missed, and live blog it as I go. I really have no desire to write a lot though. I want to get this over with as soon as possible.

Round 1- Jimmy Iovine selections

1. Kree Harrison- "Perfect"

Is she the one they are going to try to bus this week? Kree is a really good singer, but she does not seem to be the same type of vocalist as Pink. I thought she gave her best, but this was not really a great song choice for her, nor her best results. Now, time to see what the judges (and maybe Jimmy) had to say.

2. Candice Glover- "One"

The songs do seem short thus far in this round, but I suppose the contestants had a lot to do this week and not much time to practice. That being said, Candice was as powerful and good on this song as I would have expected her to be. Mary J. Blige once covered this on an Idol Gives Back special or something like that, and Candice is very much that type of singer. So, good job for Jimmy for selecting this and good job for Candice in a strong interpretation.

3. Angie Miller- "Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word"

Jimmy went more old school for this song choice. I am sort of mixed on it. On one hand, Angie seemed to hit most of the big notes, but this was just so very theatrical and seemed like someone that would be on Broadway. Still though, it suited her style, slightly more than the song that was chosen for Kree.

Does Mariah have a bug on her bosom?

Round one rankings:

3. Kree Harrison
2. Angie Miller
1. Candice Glover


Round 2- Judges' picks

Switching up the order. I am too exhausted to deliberate on if that is fair or unfair.

4. Candice Glover- "Next To Me"

Mark Sanford of South Carolina got his old job back this week, but somehow I do not think Candice will ever need to try to settle for her getting her old job in the state back. Good to see Governor Nikki Haley on American Idol, proclaiming Candice Glover Day in the Palmetto State. She certainly deserves it.

I do not know this song, and while it might not have been my favorite, Candice still pretty much sang the heck out of it, as she usually does.

5. Angie Miller- "Try"

It has been hard in recent decades for Northeasterners, especially those from the Bay State to get elected President, and the same has held true in Idol voting history. However, Angie has a very good chance of breaking that streak. She returned home to Massachusetts, a state that has been so very much in the news lately, to some strong local support.

This was a good song choice for her, and she seemed to be able to pull off Pink's vocal style a bit better than Kree was earlier in the night. I think the background singers helped a lot too though, but I considered this to be a pretty strong performance for Angie, who, along with Candice, seem to really want to advance.

6. Kree Harrison- "Here Comes Goodbye"

Kree's visit to Texas had its video piece focus much on the family tragedies in her past. I guess that was somewhat unavoidable, but there may be a polarized reaction to it. I certainly do not feel negatively all towards Kree and I recognized last week that during one of her songs, she was connecting to the lyrics, thinking about her deceased parents. That was confirmed by what she said back home.

This was a very good vocal for Kree, and all three of the girls had a very strong round. While right in her country wheelhouse, Kree sang it in a way that also likely appealed to many non-country fans, and I thought that as good as Candice and Angie were, Kree was slightly the best at vocal proficiency and being able to establish a connection on this song.

Round 2 rankings: 

3. Angie Miller
2. Candice Glover
1. Kree Harrison

Round 3- "Idol Production" Picks

7. Angie Miller- "Maybe"

This is another song I do not know, and Angie seemed not as strong as she was in the last round. Playing the piano, she came across a bit tentative in the first part of the song, and then she kicked into gear, and it was ok, but her voice just seemed a bit loud and shrill at parts, especially right at the end.

8. Kree Harrison- "Better Dig Too"

I have never heard this song either, but based on the lyrics, The Band Perry, must really enjoy morbid themes. Also, it was a good thing that Kree was not shown visiting her parents graves during her trip home, or this song would have been really inappopriate.

Anyways, I think Kree struggles a bit on the performance and comfort aspect of more up-tempo songs like this, but vocally, she was still pretty strong, though not as good as the last round.

The judges did not like it too much.

9. Candice Glover- "Somewhere"

Well, someone in "Idol Production" clearly wants her in the Finale. It was an interesting song choice to give her, but a lot of older Idol viewers will probably love it. The same is likely to be said for fans of Glee. I wonder if Candice would beat out Rachel for the role of Maria in West Side Story now.

This was an extremely good vocal, even to the non-Broadway fans, and Candice has proven all season that she can pretty much sing anything, and she demonstrated that three times tonight. Hopefully, it will pay off.

Round 3 rankings:

3. Angie Miller
2. Kree Harrison
1. Candice Glover

Overall rankings:

3. Angie Miller
2. Kree Harrison
1. Candice Glover

To me, the power rankings are clear this season. Kree and Candice deserve to sing for the title, though I doubt that Kree would be able to overcome a built in runners up bias in the eyes of many.

That being said, there is no result tomorrow that might shock me. Candice is going to need to get a lot of votes to advance. The person who I think is most likely to make it to the Finale happens to be Angie, even though I think the other two ladies are better.

When all is said and done, I will stick with my prediction from a couple weeks back of Kree, (unfortunately) bowing out in third place.