Friday, April 26, 2013

American Idol Top 4- Part I Results

I just finished watching the program, and it went down pretty much as I expected.

Who should have been eliminated: Amber Holcomb
Who I predicted would be eliminated, if anyone would be: Amber Holcomb
Who was eliminated: nobody- the contestants were granted amnesty

Since we now know for sure that the save is gone, and that the Finale is at a set date, it only makes sense that this would be done.  I am glad that the 38 million votes cast this week, will carry over until next week with the theme of "Then and Now", leaving the Top 3 with a built in advantage going into the evening.

Idol has not eliminated contestants before due to a technical snafu and once during Idol Gives Back week, but an announcement like this has never really been done before. I do not think that the contestants were too surprised by this "twist" when it was announced at the end of the hour, but Candice Glover sure was emotional nonetheless.

I was a bit disappointed to see her in the Bottom Two, as I think she is the best singer week after week, including this round, but I have to assume that she is splitting a lot of votes with her fellow African-American, Amber Holcomb. We never did find out which one of them was the lowest vote-getter, but my guess is still that it was Amber. Both of their fanbases will be fired up to cast even more votes next week in order to save them, but they are likely to still split votes, and one of them will remain very much at risk. However, I also think it is likely that once either Amber or Candice leave, the other girl is going to be heavily favored to survive Top 3 week and make it into the Finale.

Depending on how the performances go next Wednesday, it would be a terrible shame if Candice is the person who has to go home in 4th place. I might even potentially be motivated to cast a rare vote or two via telephone, but I also recognize that I may not even be able to watch the show next Wednesday night (or blog about it) because I have some things going on, and I think there may be an NHL Playoff game to concentrate on at the same time on Wednesday. Whatever the situation next week, I will eventually watch both evenings of Idol and eventually post a blog entry or entries about them.