Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Super Bowl LI

I was trying to do something to color the team names and messed up the format for the rest of this and I do not have time to figure out how to fix it....ignore the white backgrounds

From Houston, Texas

 NOT PREDICTION- since I think NE probably wins

Overall Results: 122-140

New England Patriots (16-2) vs. Atlanta Falcons (13-5)

Picking sides on this one is easy, for a variety of reasons, but I just might as well go all in and tie it politics. Had anti-anthem leftist idiot Colin Kaepernick been good enough to be in a Super Bowl again, I would be rooting against his team.

Instead, I will send a message and root against the team that Donald Trump is rooting for. I think most of American, regardless of what they think of Trump may be with me on this, but I actually want to root against Kraft, Belichek, and Brady because of their Trump devotions. Some Trumpists are rooting for them for that reason, so I want to line up against them, even if it puts me on the side of liberals in this circumstance. After all, it's only football.

Both owners of the Super Bowl participants happen to be Jewish, and I particularly like the fact that Atlanta owner Arthur Blank was willing to call out the Trump Bannon Administration for some of their actions, including the incomprehensible and deliberate decision to make a statement about the Holocaust that made no reference to Jews or anti-Semitism. The same people who demand that any sort of December Holiday greeting must contain the word "Christ", and take huge offense otherwise, really need to make sure that they understand that the Holocaust was something that happened primarily to and because of Jews, and reflect that in their statements.

So, I will be rooting for Red State Georgia over Blue New England for a variety of reasons, including wanting to see the moral disgrace and human embarrassment that is Donald J. Trump upset that his buddies fell short.

But hey, it's not all terrible. America is probably going to get somebody really good on the Supreme Court (at least this time), despite of what will be ridiculous hypocritical posturing by Democrats.

May the new conservative Justice, in the memory of Antonin Scalia, serve for many decades, and hopefully not be ashamed for eternity by the person who will have nominated him.