Thursday, April 18, 2013

American Idol Top 5 Results

With Paula Abdul, Clay Aiken, Fantasia, LaToya London, and Jordin Sparks, all returning to Idol tonight, it felt at times as if it was several years into the past. I just wish that meant George W. Bush was still President.

Who should have been eliminated: Janelle Arthur
Who I predicted would be eliminated (minus save being used): Janelle Arthur
Who was eliminated: Janelle Arthur

So, basically I am not at all surprised with the voting results, but am pretty surprised the judges did not use their save. We are told they were split 2-2. I guess we can assume that Nicki Minaj did not wish to save Janelle.

Singing for the save, at a time when many people assumed it would be a given, Janelle reprised, "You Keep Me Hangin' On."  She sounded pretty good on it once again, but it was without her guitar this time, and it lacked the impact that it had a few weeks back, the first time we heard her original, impressive arrangement. Still though, I assumed they would use the save, just to use it.

Nothing was said by Seacrest about this being the last week the save was available. Many people assumed that it was going to be off the table after last week. In past seasons, we were always told the save would expire at a certain point in the season, but this year Idol producers seem to want to keep it available until they decide they need it. All of this still leaves questions as to what will happen if it is used, and if one or two people will have to leave the next week. I will leave it for others to determine how all this affects the number of weeks left before the official Season Finale. I will just try to enjoy the ride.

Janelle is a very good singer and seems quite likable on television. However, she was a bit inconsistent in her Idol performances. She seems to be a bit of a natural actress, so maybe that or television hosting work will be a career avenue for her, in addition to her singing. She has the potential to make in the country world I suppose.

Kree Harrison, a more polished vocalist, was said to be in the Bottom Two, with her good friend Janelle tonight, in what may have been a surprise to many. With Janelle gone, Kree stands to benefit from picking up the support of more country music fans. To a large extent, Amber Holcomb and Candice Glover may be splitting the vote, and perhaps one of them will potentially be at risk for elimination next week (and then promptly be saved I guess.) Angie Miller seems to have her own fan base, but I would be surprised if she winds up as the eventual winner.

At beginning parts of the season, I pegged Janelle as someone who could be a frontrunner to take the Idol crown. She did very well to go as far as she did, but after having outlasted all the guys, it was her time to go.

The Idol television ratings may be as low as they have ever been, but the Final Four this season, are maybe note for note, the strongest final quartet the show has ever seen, at least from a technical standpoint. The good news for Idol fans such as myself, who do not have a vested rooting interest, is that the most deserving four singers of the season are the last ones standing. May the best woman win.