Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Presidential Power Rankings # 32

August 8, 2007


1. Hillary Clinton (1)
2. Barack Obama (2)
3. John Edwards (3)
4. Bill Richardson (4)
5. Al Gore (5)
6. Chris Dodd (6)
7. Joe Biden (7)
8. Dennis Kucinich (8)
9. Mike Gravel (9)
10. Wesley Clark (10)

The one change this week is that I am putting Dodd back ahead of Biden just based on a general impression that while neither has a prayer of getting the nomination, the liberal base likes Dodd a lot more than Biden right now. Both candidates in the debate last night seemed reserved to simply do Hillary Clinton’s dirty work. Perhaps, they are angling for a Cabinet slot.

Since Alan Keyes looks poised to get into the GOP race, I wonder if it would be fair to dump Wesley Clark in favor of him at # 10 here.


1. Mitt Romney (1)
2. Rudy Giuliani (2)
3. Fred Thompson (3)
4. John McCain (4)
5. Mike Huckabee (5)
6. Newt Gingrich (6)
7. Sam Brownback (7)
8. Tommy Thompson (8)
9. Tom Tancredo (9)
10. Ron Paul (10)

No changes this week, but there very well may be for next week.
A new poll out of Iowa shows that Romney holds a very robust double digit lead over who nearest competitor in that state who happens to be Rudy Giuliani. Both men had strong debate performances on Sunday morning in Iowa, and at least until Fred Thompson actually revs a campaign up, are the clear leaders of the pack for the nomination.