Friday, May 17, 2013

American Idol Finale Results

Who should have won American Idol: Candice Glover
Who I predicted would win American Idol: Candice Glover
The new American Idol is: Candice Glover

And deservedly so. In my view, Candice dominated the entire season of American Idol, like very few, if any contestants ever have. That in some ways can be chalked up to a weak overall field, but still, she had some formidable female competition, and especially with the much respected runner-up Kree Harrison.

Could Candice have won against a White Guy With a Guitar? Probably not, unfortunately. I do not think she will sell as many records as her immediate predecessors Phillip Phillips (who was unable to take part in the Finale Week due to illness) or Scotty McCreery, but Candice is definitely one of the more talented vocalists to come along in some time.

It remains so hard to believe that this was her third time trying out and that she was cut in Las Vegas last year. When that was shown on television at the early part of Season 11, a lot of online Idol fans were quite perplexed by that, believing Candice should have advanced. I did not really have a strong opinion on the matter at that time, but she sure won me over this season. Her triumph is one of perseverance and determination. Not only is she talented, but she and her family, especially her parents, come across as very good people.

I also have positive thoughts about Kree Harrison (and her family) , both in terms of her talent, performance this season, and likability. I do not know what the country music world will hold for Kree, but she certainly has the vocal ability to impress me, as a non-country music fan. She also has been through a lot, since those days when she appeared on the old Rosie O'Donnell show as a young girl. Tragically, she lost both of her parents in separate accidents, while still quite young, and perhaps a musical career, that she had been destined for as a child has taken a bit longer than usual to take off, but she will have her chance now.

The manipulations of the American Idol production and all the drama surrounding the celebrity judges may have detracted from this season especially, but the concept of the show is still a good one, and the last two ladies standing did themselves and the franchise proud.