Thursday, February 18, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV Result

It's past due time I wrap this up.....

Miami, FL

New Orleans Saints (15-3) vs. Indianapolis Colts (16-2) W

Colts finish 16-3
Saints win Championship and finish 16-3

Super Bowl Result: 1-0 (100%)
Final 2009-2010 Season Results: 126-141 (47%)

Moving on...

I am excited about next week's start of the competition portion of American Idol. Last year, I was able to post some considerably long entries after each performance and result night. This year, because of time constraints during weeknights, I am very likely to have to change things around.

I am going to try very hard to still watch the shows on Tuesday and Wednesdays, if not live, then that evening, and then, before I check out any blogs or predictions or Dial Idol projections, I am going to try very hard to post my rankings on the performances on here and my prediction on what will happen. However, I probably will not be able to post more than that.

Then, for the time being at least, my plan will likely invole a much longer write-up that I will work on when I can find a spare hour or so during the weekends, that will offer more detailed reviews on each performance (I will probably wind up watching them again, just to keep them fresh in my memory), and then some analysis of what happened in the voting, after the fact, and some looking ahead to next week.

If anybody reading this is a fan of the Idol Experience, please feel free to offer your comments on those posts.