Thursday, May 21, 2009

Observing the Meltdown

It's late, but I am skimming through a lot of internet comments about American Idol, and the Lambert fans are taking it so much worse than even I expected..... Christians are to blame. Tweens are to blame. Arkansas is to blame, etc. etc.

I was bummed last year when Archuleta did not win, (though I expected it), and was ashamed of myself for managing to care even a little bit, but that was nothing compared to what I am observing.

Adam Lambert lost a reality television show. Get over it! His career in the music industry is not going to be any different for finishing second instead of first. If anything, it's good for him to be without the Hurricane Kara song. If he is going to be sad about missing out on a confetti bath, I am sure his friends at the Zodiac Show can arrange it for him. Probably, with extra-special glittery confetti. Adam is not a superstar based on what he did on American Idol. Not even close. I do really think he would be great hooking up with Queen and doing all the classic covers with them. I like him so much more in duets and group numbers than in his self-indulgent American Idol solo performances.

Poor Kris, doesn't know what he is in for, or perhaps he does. He better figure out how to diplomatically give a stock answer to the "gay marriage" question very fast ("But Kris, do you not think your friend Adam deserves the same rights that you and your wife enjoy?") or he will replace Carrie Prejean as Public Enemy Number One for a lot of folks. By Monday, Kris Allen will have people wanting him to apologize for beating Adam, apologize for being Christian, and apologize for being straight. By the same token, Adam is going to also be pressured to be outspoken on behalf of gay rights as a "Civil Rights Issue" or Perez Hilton and his ilk will turn on him very fast. I have the feeling that Adam is not going to be shy about being political on that issue in the interviews that he will be doing. If Kris is sitting next to him in those, it might really be unfortunate to have the focus be on something that should be considered so trivial in relation to American Idol.

I hope Kris does not get beaten down by all the pressure and external factors that will come with the spotlight. He won and he deserved it. He needs to understand and accept that quickly.

In conclusion, the funniest things that I have been reading are all the comments about how ashamed these Lambert fans, both domestic and international, are of America and what an evil, homophobic (and maybe anti-Semitic) country we are because of these results. According to them, the world is going to look at America with shame because we were too intolerant to embrace "the change that was gonna come" with Adam Lambert. The mainstream media will soon pick up on that theme. They all have stories developed from six months ago that they had to set aside.

So, I guess we Americans have to now face the facts that all the "international goodwill" towards the United States of America for the election of Barack Obama as President and how that historic event signified that "America is good again" and "cool again" in the eyes of the world has now been squandered away simply because Adam Lambert did not win American Idol.

Silly, silly, liberals. : )