Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Presidential Power Rankings # 15

April 11, 2007


1. Hillary Rodham Clinton (1)
2. Barack Obama (2)
3. John Edwards (3)
4. Al Gore (4)
5. Bill Richardson (5)
6. Joe Biden (6)
7. Chris Dodd (7)
8. Dennis Kucinich (8)
9. Wesley Clark (9)
10. Mike Gravel (10)

No changes here. Lots of these folks, namely the top three, apparently have no qualms about negotiating with Iran and Syria and trying to build closer ties with them, but are too afraid to appear on Fox News.


1. Rudy Giuliani (1)
2. Mitt Romney (2)
3. John McCain (3)
4. Fred Thompson (4)
5. Sam Brownback(6)
6. Mike Huckabee (5)
7. Newt Gingrich (7)
8. Tommy Thompson (9)
9. Duncan Hunter (8)
10. Ron Paul(10)

On the heels of the fundraising reports last week and the fact that there does seem to be a little bit more of a modest buzz around the candidacy of Tommy Thompson, who formally entered the race last week, I have decided to move him up one spot ahead of Duncan Hunter. Tommy Thompson (looks like I will need to use both first and last names whenever referring to a Thompson) seems to be putting all his eggs in the Iowa basket and will be working the state hard. I see no chance for him to actually get the GOP nomination, but the way things are shaping up, he may very well leapfrog all the way up to # 5 in the weeks ahead. Brownback and Huckabee have just gone nowhere and all the Fred Thompson speculation, and the fact that it looks like he will indeed run, seem to have completely frozen any possibility for the Kansas Senator and former Arkansas Governor to try to move into the a stronger position.