Thursday, May 02, 2013

American Idol Top 4 Part II Results

Who should have been eliminated (based on last night's scoring): Angie Miller
Who I predicted would be eliminated: Amber Holcomb
Who was eliminated: Amber Holcomb

Well, there we are, just as I envisioned. In a sense, Amber should be quite happy that there was a general amnesty offered after the Top 4 first performed last week, because I thought she scored the lowest that week, and the votes likely would have eliminated her. My hunch is that the vote difference from last week was just too much for her to overcome with this additional round.

So, she had an extra week, but seemed to be struggling a bit with her emotions. She clearly was disappointed tonight, (perhaps because she was unable to get through her sing-off) but should feel proud of what she accomplished, considering that the judges did not even put her through to the Semifinals last year. She also should feel optimistic about the future, as she is likely the most marketable of any Idol Finalist this season, and might very well have a chance to get signed after the tour is over. Then, she will get a chance to put her skills to use on a bigger platform.

Anyways, I do not feel like writing much else tonight, but now we have the Top 3, and I think the results are probably going to go down as I wrote they would last night, which means, I will probably be disappointed at the outcomes for the next two weeks.