Monday, September 01, 2008

NFL Week 1

Politics..... baseball..... the return of Beverly Hills 90210 (I thought the defeat of the Clintons was a sign the '90s were over) in the world will I have the time or focus to really get into the NFL this fall? I may not, especially considering how very possible it is that the hometown Bears will suck, but I am going to keep track of this anyway, for this third NFL season on this blog.

To those who come across this, please try to keep in mind that these are posted here, so that I may keep track of my own progress, and very importantly, these are *not* necessarily predictions of who I think will win, but instead, which teams I *want* to win.

Football fans, feel free to leave your comments both on the pre-NFL week and post-NFL week wrap-up posts.

1. Redskins (0-0) at Giants (0-0)
2. Lions (0-0) at Falcons (0-0)
3. Bengals (0-0) at Ravens (0-0)
4. Seahawks (0-0) at Bills (0-0)
5. Jets (0-0) at Dolphins (0-0)
6. Chiefs (0-0) at Patriots (0-0)
7. Buccaneers (0-0) at Saints (0-0)
8. Rams (0-0) at Eagles (0-0)
9. Texans (0-0) at Steelers (0-0)
10. Jaguars (0-0) at Titans (0-0)
11. Cowboys (0-0) at Browns (0-0)
12. Panthers (0-0) at Chargers (0-0)
13. Cardinals (0-0) at '49ers (0-0)
14. Bears (0-0) at Colts (0-0)
15. Vikings (0-0) at Packers (0-0)
16. Broncos (0-0) at Raiders (0-0)

Record thus far: 0-0 (0%)- important to do that calculation

Montana Governor Race

Race of the Day

Montana Governor

September 1, 2008
64 Days Until Election Day

Status: Democrat Incumbent
2004 Presidential Result: Red State (West)

Outlook: Safe Democrat

Democrats like to look to Montana as an example of a Republican leaning state in which they have made inroads as they point to the success of first termer Brian Schweitzer, a popular Governor and also a populist favorite of left-wing bloggers.

After having lost a surprisingly competitive Senate race in 2004, Democrat Schweitzer, with the help of a Republican Lt. Governor running mate, was able to win the Governorship. He has remained popular while in office, while not appearing to spend too much time trying to build a national profile, and there is very little reason to believe he will be faced with too tough of a challenge from Republican State Senator Roy Brown.

Brown campaign link:

2008 Governor races predicted: 3 D, 1 R
Predicted Gubernatorial total thus far: 25 D, 18 R