Monday, January 24, 2011

NFL Conference Championship Results

1. Packers (12-6) at Bears (12-5)- Lost
2. Jets (13-5) at Steelers (13-4)- Lost

Bears finish 12-6
Jets finish 13-6

NFL Conference Championship Results: 0-2 (0%)
Overall Results: 121-145 (45%)

First of all, by the time the AFC game started, I had switched towards wanting the Steelers to win, as they would be best equipped to defeat the evil Packers in the Super Bowl. But I will stick with what I posted on Friday.

I could write paragraph after paragraph about the frustration involved with watching the Bears lose yesterday and why the Packers should be considered very lucky to have gotten the win. I put most of the blame on the shoulders of the Bears' coaching staff, and it is amazing to me that the game was even close in the end.

I could also write a lot about the unfair ways that Bears QB Jay Cutler has been getting ripped on things like Twitter as well as the mainstream media for getting injured. He may be an inconsistent player, but I believe the talk that he is somehow not "tough" or that he "quit" on his team is definitely not borne out by fact.

In the meantime, it's sad to see a good Bears season come to an end, so close to a Super Bowl opportunity. As the saying goes; Wait til Next Year. I guess I just will have to move on to supporting the defending Stanley Cup Champion Blackhawks, first place Bulls, the candidacy of Mitt Romney, and oh, I guess the Cubs again too.