Friday, March 18, 2011

American Idol Top 12 Results

Who should have been eliminated: Haley Reinhart
Who I predicted would be eliminated: Haley Reinhart
Who was eliminated: Karen Rodriguez

First of all, is Shih Tzu a word you can't say on Fox? I suggest that Pia Toscano's singing dog is one of the most talented bitches of the season.

Was Lee DeWyze as nervous to return to the Idol stage as he was for all his performances last year? Is this title of "Reigning American Idol" sort of on par with Earl Ray Tomblin being the Acting Governor of West Virginia?

Anyways, I knew it would be an all female Bottom Three once again, with Karen and Haley being joined by Naima Adedapo. While I believe that Karen is a marginally better singer than the other two ladies, she was maybe lacking a bit more in the personality or impact department. I have ranked her higher than most, especially last night, but her ouster was inevitable. Her best bet will probably be try to commit fully to the Spanish language music scene.

In a quixotic attempt to get the pointless judge's save, Karen reprised the song "Hero", in the same bi-lingual fashion she had done two weeks ago. She did ok, but it was clear that the emotion of an exit was already starting to run through her head. Grade: B-

The judges pretended to deliberate on her fate and they clearly want us to believe that Jennifer Lopez was outvoted in her wanting to save her fellow Latina, who once sang for her several years ago during a JLo MTV appearance. Maybe Jennifer was afraid that Karen was going to stalk her if she was so willing to let her go......

The left-wing would also tell Karen to look on the bright side about her 12th place finish. At least she will not have to go on that Idol Summer Tour and risk being locked up in Arizona.

In all seriousness, Karen will remembered for trying to embrace the culture of the U.S.'s largest minority community on the show more than any other contestant of any racial or ethnic minority ever has. My sometimes commenter "Conservative Democrat" will again have to point out that a Latino has never won American Idol. Perhaps one day, that will come.... oh wait, Scotty McCreery is a quarter Puerto Rican!

People can debate the whole muti-cultural vs. melting pot thing in regards to Karen's run but as we saw this week with the clips of her mother being so proud of her, even finishing 12th on a show called American Idol is nothing to be ashamed of, and quite in line with the American Dream.