Sunday, April 13, 2014

American Idol Top 8 Part II Results

Who should have been eliminated based on the week's performances: Jena Irene
Who I predicted would be eliminated: C.J. Harris
Who was eliminated: Malaya Watson

When the Finals began, I thought that Malaya was the weakest link, at least on the basis of a particular performance. However, as the competition progressed, she was likely the most improved of the Idol hopefuls, and delivered some really strong ballads.

With all that taken into consideration, I think it is unfortunate she was eliminated, because I think she has demonstrated some real raw talent. However, at the age of 16, this was not her time and she will benefit from gaining more experience and by getting her braces off one day.

The two remaining African-American singers were in the Bottom Two this week, after another one was eliminated last week. Malaya's elimination likely has much more to do with the fact that she is a female however, and now five out of the remaining seven are either white guys, or a black guy with a guitar who sings music that white people like. The "save" of Sam Woolf clearly inspired people to vote to keep him in the competition. He could very easily be the next one to go home, or he could now have a real opportunity to improve and stay in the competition. Malaya's fans are probably not happy with him though.

In regards to Malaya, I will say once again that her personality was annoying to me when she was first on my television, but I came to sort of like her crazy personality and obvious intelligence. Leaving the show is probably a really difficult thing for her, but I think she has an opportunity to one day have success in music. I also think that with some acting lessons (and speaking more clearly post-braces) she could explore that industry as well. Certainly, Malaya has options beyond playing the tuba in her High School Marching band.

As we enter the Final 7 phase of the competition, it is pretty amazing that three out of the singers are all from relatively small Alabama. Another one, who may be one of the frontrunners is also from North Carolina, a southern state. Clearly, the tradition of Idol winners hailing from the South may continue, although someone from New Hampshire could also be in the running. I think that two of the Alabamians, C.J. Harris and Jessica Meuse will eventually be eliminated (even if others may be cut before them) but that any of the remaining five could wind up the winner of an unpredictable season.