Tuesday, March 06, 2012

American Idol Top 25 Week- Part III

Let's try to wrap last week's Idol shows up quickly. On Thursday evening, we met the new Top 13. First, we learned who the top 5 standouts from each gender were according to the American viewing public.

Which ten people should have been voted into the Top 13:

Joshua Ledet, Phillip Phillips, Jeremy Rosado, Jermaine Jones, Aaron Marcellus, Elise Testone, Jessica Sanchez, Hollie Cavanaugh, Shannon Magrane, Hallie Day

Which ten people I predicted (trust me on this) would be voted into the Top 13:

Phillip Phillips, Jeremy Rosado, Colton Dixon, Eben Franckewitz, Heejun Han, Elise Testone, Jessica Sanchez, Hollie Cavanaugh, Shannon Magrane, Skylar Laine

Which ten people were voted into the Top 13:

Joshua Ledet, Phillip Phillips, Jermaine Jones, Colton Dixon, Heejun Han, Elise Testone, Jessica Sanchez, Hollie Cavanaugh, Shannon Magrane, Skylar Laine

So, my predictions on all the females were correct, and I was correct on three out of the five guys. On the merits though, the ones I got wrong deserved it, and there would be a wildcard opportunity for the one person who I thought deserved to make it and would, but did not.

Next, the judges told us that there would be six opportunities to sing for three wildcard slots. They did not specify that it would be three guys and three girls getting that chance. If it were up to me, the chances would go to four girls; Hallie, Erika, Von Pelt, Jen Hirsh, and Haley Johnsen, and two guys; Jeremy and Aaron.

However, I was pretty sure that DeAndre Brackensick would get a chance to go instead of Aaron, while the selection of Brielle Van Hugel was a bit more surprising.

1. Jen Hirsh- “Oh Darling”

Let the drama begin as the first desperate singer took the stage trying to convince the three judges (and really most importantly Nigel Lythgoe) that they were worthy of continuing. Once again, Jen sounded alright but it felt more cabaret than something we could imagine one day climbing up the pop charts. Grade: B

2. Jeremy Rosado- “I Know You Won't”

I was not familiar with the song and thinking back now, I really do not remember too much about it, except that Jeremy sang it extremely well and it felt like genuinely emotional moment as he poured his heart and soul into performing. It was compelling as anything had been up to that point this week and the hefty 19 year old broke down in tears at the end. Surely, J-Lo was going to put him through after that. Grade: A-

3. Brielle Von Hugel- “Someone Like You”

It was a big risk for young Brielle to take on such a well known and powerful Adele ballad. The judges were surprisingly candid in saying it did not work for them, which of course should have been indication enough to Brielle that it was all over, but I actually found myself liking what she did with it. It may have had it's vocal imperfections in retrospect, but I think it sort of enhanced the desperation of the lyrics. Grade: B+

4. DeAndre Brackensick- “Georgia On My Mind”

Just as Seacrest handed the emotionally on edge teenager the microphone, he made sure to literally let his hair down for full effect from the judges. Some people really love all that he can vocally and his entire range, including a high falsetto. I still have a harder time enjoying it. He sang this song decently but I do not think as well as a Kendra Chantelle did unsuccessfully in the same circumstance last year. It's clear though that DeAndre is going to cry at every results show this season, so that will make good television. Grade: B

5. Erika Von Pelt- “Edge of Glory”

The night before, I, along with the judges felt that Erika was good, but held back a bit. This time, she had nothing to lose on this appropriate for the moment Lady Gaga song and I thought sounded a lot better. I really liked the mature, rock edge she put into it, which is also the performer Elise is capable of being. Grade: A-

6. Reed Grimm- “Use Me”

Once again, just way too weird for me. It felt more about scatting than singing and I was glad when it was over. Besides, I think Reed's niche on the show is more or less already filled by Phillip, who I find a more likeable person anyway. Grade: C

Ranking them from least deserving to most:

6. Reed

5. DeAndre

4. Jen

3. Brielle

2. Erika

1. Jeremy

Who the three wild-card winners should have been:

Jeremy Rosado, Erika Van Pelt, Brielle Von Hugel

Who I predicted during the commercial break (even before actually) the three would be:

Jeremy Rosado, Erika Van Pelt, DeAndre Brackensick

Who advanced to the Finals:

Jeremy Rosado, Erika Van Pelt, DeAndre Brackensick

So, that's that. If I watch the show live on Wednesday, I may just do a quick post before the results show airs of my rankings and predictions, and then hopefully time for a longer recap of the week in the days that follow.

For now though, it's more about the real American Idols: Derrick Rose, Patrick Kane (most prominent Yankee on the team), and Willard Mitt Romney.