Saturday, March 12, 2011

Race for the White House 2012

This will not be a very long post, because there was not too much in the way of big news related to the 2012 Presidential campaign. People's news attention was mostly focused on Libya, the long-overdue procedural victory by Wisconsin Republicans, and the meltdown reaction of the left in the state and across the country.

The past couple of days have been largely consumed by the horrific news out of Japan where a massive earthquake and tsunami have left enormous destruction and devastation. While the U.S. was fortunate to escape serious damage from the Pacific disturbance, the American government and people will be called on to assist our friends in Japan.

Otherwise, the most significant Presidential campaign related news of the week mostly happened below the radar as various GOP operatives signed on with potential candidates. Mike Huckabee's top 2008 Iowa adviser decided to sign on with Tim Pawlenty while a prominent New Hampshire politician, who had backed Huckabee in the last cycle has now strongly come out in favor of Mitt Romney.

Speaking of which, let me take this opportunity to wish a very happy 64th birthday today to Mitt Romney, the man I strongly believe should be and will be the next President of the United States. The fact that the Obama White House and the DNC has been speaking a bit of him lately, both in regards to attacks and "death hugs" just go to confirm that he is the candidate they would most like to avoid seeing next fall.

But today is a day for the Mittster and his very large family to hopefully celebrate his turning another year older. It may very well be the last low-key birthday he will have for the next decade.