Friday, March 11, 2011

American Idol Top 13 Results

Who should have been eliminated: Paul McDonald
Who I predicted would be eliminated: Ashthon Jones
Who was elimianted: Ashthon Jones

Well, I am one for one, but frankly, this one was pretty easy to see coming.

Also, in the show, we learned that Adam Lambert does not know how to Dougie, but there was no mention that JLo used to know Diddy.

Twelve of the kids did a Michael Jackson medley, that once again appeared to be pre-recorded at least in parts. Is serious contender Scotty McCreery going to get any solos in these numbers, or can he just sing country?

They are living in a very big mansion once again (but probably do not get to spend much time again) and the judge's save is back. I wish it were not.

This week especially, when everybody in the world, including the singer herself knew that the one judge's save of the season would not be used to save Ashthon, it was a bit pointless to have her "sing for her life" once again. As was the case last year, it seems as if the contestants who have to sing for the save, can reprise any song they have already done on the show.

Well, last week, the judges panned Ashthon's song choice, she already did the Dreamgirls shtick singing for her life to get in as a wildcard, so she had no choice but to once again do the song that got her kicked off from Tuesday's pre-taped performance show.

Her take on Diana Ross' s "When You Tell Me That You Love Me" was HEY once again reasonably decent, but just HEY not great. The vibe may have been sad all along, because even Ashthon knew HEY the whole thing was pretty pointless. Grade: B-

Best of luck to Miss Jones moving forward. She is a good singer and has a lot of charisma. I think though that her best bet HEY for fame would be to put the pop music thing aside, and perhaps look towards trying to make it to Broadway or maybe some sort of job in television HEY.

Let's also hope that whatever medically is going on with Casey Abrams is resolved. He was not able to make tonight's live show (which is very rare in Idol history) and was also not in the Ford music video shoot, which must have taken place yesterday. It's probably his stomach again, but I hope he did not take the lyrics of his song this week too seriously. Keep Charlie Sheen away from the guy! As one of the more personally and musically interesting contestants, it would be sad if Casey were unable to continue or were to have recurrent health problems.

I think Haley Reinhart is probably a goner next week, but we will see. The all female Bottom Three this week is of course right on target with Idol voting in recent years.