Friday, January 30, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII

Another NFL season, another Super Bowl, and another reminder that whenever I post on the NFL, I do not make predictions, but merely state which team I want to win the game.

So, who do I want to win this year? Since I have followed the NFL, I have never rooted against the Steelers in a Super Bowl, and there has always been something about the team (perhaps the colors) that I liked. The most influential conservative in America, Rush Limbaugh, also happens to be a mega-fan. The Steelers are favored to claim another championship on Sunday. However, I am going to go with the underdog this year, as I often like to do.

I should have reasons to oppose the Arizona (formerly Phoenix, formerly St. Louis, formerly Chicago) Cardinals. They could have helped the Chicago Bears make the playoffs by demonstrating any sort of reasonable effort in the final weeks of the season. However, the Cardinals looked terrible in those games, and they finished with the exact same record as the Bears. Nonetheless, since the Cardinals played in a much weaker division, they were the only 9-7 team to make the playoffs, and lo and behold, they got hot at the right time and won the conference championship to the surprise of many. As for myself, I supported them in all those playoff games.

But I think what really settled the deal for me was the endorsement of the Steelers by the new President of the United States. While Limbaugh and Obama may find common ground on the Black and Gold, I am going to root for an upset and hopefully a good game and root for the team that hails from a state that went Red in 2008 and whose color is red too. It will be nice to see Obama have to eat some crow and place a phone call to the team he opposed and then Arizona's new Republican Governor can win some pierogis or something from the rotund Democrat Governor of Pennsylvania.

Being a Chicago fan, it's somewhat tough to root for any team named Cardinals, but I am going to make an exception here. If the Steelers win, it wouldn't be as horrible as some other teams of course, but hopefully Kurt and Brenda Warner will reign supreme, and their political and religious views will continue to bug the Left.

Steelers (14-4) vs. Cardinals (12-7)

Overall Results: 125-138 (48%)