Saturday, November 04, 2006

NFL Week 9

1. Dolphins (1-6) at Bears (7-0)
2. Falcons (5-2) at Lions (1-6)
3. Cowboys (4-3) at Redskins (2-5)
4. Texans (2-5) at Giants (5-2)
5. Packers (3-4) at Bills (2-5)
6. Chiefs (4-3) at Rams (4-3)
7. Bengals (4-3) at Ravens (5-2)
8. Titans (2-5) at Jaguars (4-3)
9. Saints (5-2) at Buccaneers (2-5)
10. Vikings (4-3) at 49'ers (2-5)
11. Broncos (5-2) at Steelers (2-5)
12. Browns (2-5) at Chargers (5-2)
13. Colts (7-0) at Patriots (6-1)
14. Raiders (2-5) at Seahawks (4-3)

Score thus far: 65-49 (57%)

Pre-election madness

I kind of doubt too many people are continuing to check out this blog, but I just wanted to check in briefly and say that while I had intended on having some lengthy posts before the election in which I named all the predicted winners by name, I just do not think I will have time to do so. I am very busy with campaign activities and a bunch of other things, and if I want to have this election season end, knowing that I did everything I possibly could, it is more important for me to devote my time to that.

I also may not be able to get to my football picks by tomorrow morning, but next week, I will post how I did on the honor system. After all, I am primarily just posting them here for my own organization anyways.

So, just to summarize before this election, I see Democrats making gains, but how much will remain to be seen.

Governors- I will say Democrats pick up 5 to take them to 27. Those are primarily most important to people in each individual state as there is nothing tangible to be gained by having a majority of Governorships. We have an election for Governor here in Illinois of course, and while my candidate is behind, things are definitely getting closer, and I am not going to give up until it is over.

U.S. Senate- Since I offered my final classifications, I now think that Ohio and Rhode Island will be more likely than not to be won by Democrats, which would mean a 4 seat pickup, and a 51-49 GOP majority.

By the same token, I have already predicted against GOP candidates in Maryland and Montana, but I feel they definitely have momentum and I will hope for the best.

U.S. House- As I went through race by race, ending last Sunday, I came away with an 11 seat Democrat pickup. I will stick to my guns on that, although I probably think it would be more likely to be about 13 seats now and considering all the tossups that are out there, it may very easily be a 20 seat Democrat pickup and control of the majority being shifted. Much more than a 20 seat pickup will surprise me. I still think Republicans have at least a fighting shot at winning enough seats to get to 218. I had considered the DeLay seat in Texas and the Foley seat in FL to be certain goners, but that might very well not be the case.

So, just to summarize, if Republicans lose the majority, I will be disappointed, but I realize that this is a sixth year midterm election where historical losses in the House are about 30 seats. We can look back to 1986, when President Reagan's party lost 8 seats and control of the Senate, lost a bunch of House seats, and only the day after that election did Iran Contra break.

Yet somehow, the GOP rebounded to keep the Presidency in 1988 by a landslide margin.

Regardless of the outcome on Tuesday, I am grateful to live in such a wonderful country with our system of democracy and I am confident that there will be bright days ahead for the GOP, especially in 2008.

This election is important, and I am going to give it my all until the whistle blows, but I think back to how I felt two years ago, with the positions of Commander in Chief, judicial nominator, and moral leader of the country all on the line, and I will always be grateful that election turned out for the best. It was far more consequential, just like how 2008 will be, but for now, we are focused on 2006, and here is to a great Republican triumph.....

I will comment on it all after the election.