Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Nomination Countdown- 1/2/08

This first post of 2008 has us just a day away from the Iowa Caucuses and just six days away from the New Hampshire Primaries.

I expect that the New Hampshire results will be effected one way or another, in both parties, by what happens in Iowa. There will be weekend debates, etc. that should also play a role.

While I am about to give my full Iowa predictions, I am going to have to hold off on predicting New Hampshire at this point in the same way. If I have time, and if I feel I will not embarass myself, I may still post New Hampshire predictions before Tuesday.

Anyways, here are my full and complete Iowa predictions. I am certainly taking a risk here, especially since I am predicting order of finish and percentages. But, I have already entered these numbers in a couple of online contests, so I might as well post them here as well.

If anyone actually reads this, feel free to post your predictions in the comments!


Round 1

Clinton- 29
Edwards- 27
Obama- 26
Biden- 8
Richardson- 7
Kucinich - 2
Dodd- 1

Post viability drop outs

Clinton- 33
Edwards- 30
uncommitted- 2


Romney- 30
Huckabee- 28
Thompson- 12
McCain- 11
Paul- 8
Giuliani- 8
Keyes- 2
Hunter- 1