Friday, July 25, 2014

Holdover Governors

We will now begin focusing intently on the very exciting 2014 Midterm Elections. The vast majority of states will be holding a contest for Governor this year, but before we look at them as part of the Race of the Day feature, let us once again make the perfunctory list of those that will be holdovers when 2015 begins. None of these Governors are currently candidates for any other office, so they should still be in their current job next year.

DE- Jack Markell (D)
IN- Mike Pence (R)
KY- Stephen Beshear (D)
LA- Bobby Jindal (R)
MS- Phil Bryant (R)
MO- Jay Nixon (D)
MT- Steve Bullock (D)
NJ- Chris Christie (R)
NC- Pat McCrory (R)
ND- Jack Dalrymple (R)
UT- Gary Herbert (R)
VA- Terry McAuliffe (D)
WA- Jay Inslee (D)
WV- Earl Ray Tomblin (D)

Holdover Governors:

7 Democrats
7 Republicans