Friday, January 12, 2007

NFL Divisional Playoffs

Here is hoping that the Chicago Bears find a way to win their first playoff game since January 1. 1995. As long as they are still in the hunt, I will be hoping for the other underdogs to win, so here is what I will be hoping to happen. I will mention though that if by some unfortunate reason the Bears are already eliminated by the time of the Patriots/Chargers game, I would probably switch my rooting interest to the Chargers, however, I would probably also be too depressed to function by that time of the day regardless.

I am conflicted on the Eagles vs. Saints. If the Bears were not a factor, I would definitely be supporting New Orleans, but I may have to go for the underdog on this, thinking that Philadelphia would be easier to beat in an NFC Championship game. Both the Eagles and the Saints finished up with the same regular season record but the Eagles may be a team playing with more momentum. I sort of think the Saints will actually win the game on Saturday though, and I do not know what I really want to happen except maybe a triple overtime game.

1. Colts (13-4) at Ravens (13-3)
2. Eagles (11-6) at Saints (10-6)
3. Seahawks (10-7) at Bears (13-3)
4. Patriots (13-4) at Chargers (14-2)

Regular Season and Playoff Results: 141-120 (54%)