Sunday, April 20, 2014

American Idol Top 7 Results

Who should have been eliminated: Dexter Roberts
Who I predicted would be eliminated: C.J. Harris
Who was eliminated: Dexter Roberts

I cannot say that I am disappointed by this result, although the survival of C.J. continues to be a somewhat persistent mystery.

There was some belief that Dexter could actually ride the good ol' boy country thing to a victory though and a lot of people would have been upset about that. Joining him in the Bottom Two this week was Jessica Meuse who had a subpar week and did not at all seem happy once she was informed of her position on Thursday night. Apparently, she had something to say about the judges after that, but I have yet to really catch up on the news.

With one contender from Alabama now gone, there is a chance that there could be votes to keep C.J. and Jessica around even longer. However, I think that they are the only two contenders who I cannot see winning this weird season. Nonetheless, both could survive this upcoming week, which would likely be at the expense of Sam Woolf. It seems to me though like Sam has indeed gone through a bit of a comeback and could now be more hard to get rid of. Jena Irene, Caleb Johnson, and Alex Preston appear to be the favorites to get hometown visits as part of a Top Three. It seems like the Idol Powers That Be very much want Jena to win the season.

Congratulations to Dexter (who I once read someone say he resembled a "young Fat Elvis") for getting as far as he did. He seemed like a really nice guy when he was first presented to the audience and I am sure he still is, but I think that his experience in Hollywood could possibly have gone to his head a bit. I hope he enjoys the upcoming summer tour, is smart with the money he will be making, and is able to have a decent career in country music.

I do not think he really showed how he can differentiate himself from a lot of other modern day country singers, but he clearly has talent, and demonstrated that on ballads this season. Wherever his Idol journey eventually takes him, he should now only have to ride a tractor again because he wants to, not because he has to.

From what I understand the Top 6 have some sort of Country and Rock theme this week, which I am sure Dexter is disappointed to miss out on. I hope to be able to watch the entirety of the broadcast before midnight on Wednesday and hopefully post rankings. However, it is doubtful I will be able to get a full post up until next weekend.