Tuesday, January 09, 2007

NFL Playoff and College Bowl results recaps

First, the results of the NFL Wildcard Weekend:

1. Chiefs (9-7) at Colts (12-4)-L
2. Cowboys (9-7) at Seahawks (9-7)-W
3. Jets (10-6) at Patriots (12-4)-L
4. Giants (8-8) at Eagles (10-6)-L

Wildcard Results: 1-4 (25%)
Overall Results: 141-120 (54%)

Say goodbye to the:

Giants (8-9)
Chiefs (9-8)
Cowboys (9-8)
Jets (10-7)

Now, moving on to the conclusion of all 456 college football bowl games.

I will not do a game by game rundown, but I said before them all that I was not predicting winners, just picking who I was going to root for, which I basically did on a variety of factors, such as; my alma mater, underdogs, schools in Red States, Republican coaches, service academies, etc. etc.

Well, based on all that, I think the fact that 15 of the teams I wanted to win won, and only 17 lost was less than horrific.