Thursday, April 14, 2011

American Idol Top 8 Results

Who should have been eliminated: Paul McDonald
Who I predicted would be eliminated: Casey Abrams
Who was eliminated: Paul McDonald

After the turmoil surrounding last week's surprising and inappropriate elimination, tonight's result was far more settling and pleasing to most. I was certainly happy to have mis-predicted this week. I suppose America did not find Casey's jazz interpretation of that creepy song to be questionable. He now has another week to spend on Idol with his apparent girlfriend Haley Reinhart. They were pretty impressive vocally on their jazz duet tonight. If the first semi-public, in season AI romance one day results in marriage, Casey and Haley can be like Ronald and Nancy Reagan, two one-time Illinoisans who were brought together by show business in California.

As for Paul, at one point, he seemed to have the musical and demographic profile to go all the way, but whether it is based on his style, or perhaps some lingering vocal problems, he was one of the weaker voices of the season, and has now become the first male finalist to leave the show. That is not to say he is not talented, as his feel good sing off of "Maggie May" indicated. He just was not American Idol caliber. I still think he will be glad when his Idol contract is formally over. He has gotten his exposure, and his career will benefit, but he will soon be free to do his own thing in Nashville. The group this year seems really close though, and it seems like everyone likes Paul.

In addition to "Maggie May", Paul also joined in tonight in a group performance of "Mrs. Robinson." So, on the night he went home, that made it two songs for him about being seduced by an older woman. This may all be too much for Paul's heartbroken cougar fans to take.