Sunday, March 02, 2014

American Idol Top 13 Results

Who should have been eliminated: Malaya Watson
Who I predicted would be eliminated: Kristen O'Conner
Who was eliminated: Kristen O'Conner

For Kristen, going out in 13th place in the 13th season of American Idol may sound unlucky, but perhaps she has had the "luck of the Irish" all along even getting to this point.

On Thursday night, America had the Bottom Three (and then perhaps the Bottom Two)  just as I had them ranked and then Kristen was the one with the lowest number of votes, as I expected, even though I felt one person sang worse in the round.

At age 24, Kristen was the oldest female in the competition this season and one of just two with a mainstream pop music emphasis. She seems like a nice person, but every time I heard her sing live on the show over the last couple of weeks, I do not think she was good enough to have advanced. I believe there were stronger female vocalists that did not make the Top 15 girls, better ones that did not sing during Rush Week, superior ones who were not given a chance to sing for a Wildcard spot, and more promising singers who were not chosen by the judges.

So, while Kristen was given a prime spot, (with very effusive praise) by the judges that night, her time as an Idol finalist was short-lived. It was a foregone conclusion that she would not be saved, long before she sang another average at best rendition of "Turning Tables." She sure was ambitious in picking female singers to cover, but trying to sound like them just made it all quite karaoke. Surprisingly enough, we were told that the vote to save her was not unanimous which somehow means that a judge actually wanted to keep her around even longer.

With this time in the spotlight, Kristen should go into television news or entertainment reporting. I think she could be successful in that field, if she no longer remains a nurse. While she may be a better singer than the vast majority of Americans, I do not see that as her best bet for future wealth.

This upcoming week, the Top 12 will sing songs with the theme of "Home" It appears inevitable that we will see another all female Bottom Three.