Friday, January 05, 2007

NFL Wild Card Weekend

So, here we are at the playoffs.

The Bears have earned a bye week (and have caused a lot of anxiety for their fans), so in the post-season, it makes sense for the fans of one team that is alive to root for the underdogs.

There is a strong possibility that next week the Bears would play the winner of Seattle vs. Dallas, two teams who finished with the same record. While I would actually prefer the Bears to play the New York Giants in their first playoff game, it is a matter of much consideration who would be an easier opponent to beat between the other two teams. I think it is a tough call while the conventional wisdom is that Dallas would be easier to beat. However, if Dallas goes into Seattle during this weekend and wins, that probably means they did something right and will have a good deal of confident. In any event, I would bet that Seattle will win the game.

So, here are the picks (and/or who I want to win in order to help out the Bears)

1. Chiefs (9-7) at Colts (12-4)
2. Cowboys (9-7) at Seahawks (9-7)
3. Jets (10-6) at Patriots (12-4)
4. Giants (8-8) at Eagles (10-6)

Regular season results: 140-116 (55%)