Friday, February 03, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI

Overall Results: 118-148 (44%)

In 2008, the New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots in the SuperBowl, ending their quest for a perfect season. While I was not a fan of either team, I was quite pleased at the time to see New England lose to their underdog opponent. After all, hadn't Boston won enough titles?

Then later that year, America, dealing with an obvious bout of temporary insanity elected Barack Obama President.

Now, we are here in 2012, and while I am still not a fan of either team, things must be made different. The mojo of 2008 must be reversed in every way possible. Thus, go Patriots! Bring another title back to Boston. The future President of the United States, would agree with me.

From Indianapolis:

New York Giants (12-7) vs. New England Patriots (15-3)