Tuesday, October 17, 2006

NFL Week 6 Recap & Commentary

1. Bills (2-3) at Lions (0-5)- L
2. Texans (1-3) at Cowboys (2-2)- L
3. Giants (2-2) at Falcons (3-1)- W
4. Seahawks (3-1) at Rams (4-1)- W
5. Titans (0-5) at Redskins (2-3)- W
6. Panthers (3-2) at Ravens (4-1)- L
7. Eagles (4-1) at Saints (4-1)- W
8. Bengals (3-1) at Buccaneers (0-4)- L
9. Dolphins (1-4) at Jets (2-3)-L
10. Chiefs (2-2) at Steelers (1-3)- W
11. Chargers (3-1) at 49'ers (2-3)- W
12. Raiders (0-4) at Broncos (3-1)- W
13. Bears (5-0) at Cardinals (1-4)- W

Week 6 score: 8-5 (62%)
Overall score: 50-37 (57%)

I would be remiss if I did not comment on the Monday Night Football spectacular that ended with the Chicago Bears having an improbable comeback after being down by 20 points near the very end of the third quarter. They managed to come back to win, without scoring an offensive touchdown the entire game. That is unprecedented in NFL history and it was certainly among the more bizarre games that anyone has ever seen.

What an emotional roller coaster for a passionate Bears fan like myself! I just could not believe they were playing so horribly and were down by a wide margin to an inferior team. Then, they would get a turnover and a score and it looked like there was hope, but then soon, it looked once again like it would not be enough for the victory, etc. etc. Somehow, someway, they won though. Team of Destiny? Perhaps. The offense can never play that poorly again though. Hopefully, the team will stop looking ahead to the Super Bowl and not run the risk of overlooking anyone in the regular season.

I swear that I have not had such a night since the 2000 Presidential election with depression, followed by hope, followed by more depression, then exhilaration…. Etc. etc.

Unlike the 2000 GWB vs. Gore contest though, I actually was able to go to sleep happy and with the knowledge that the result would not be overturned. Dennis Green acted a little like the unhinged Al Gore of latter years at the post-game press conference though.

So, it was an amazing game and verification that surprises can always happen. I think it means that since I breathed an big sigh of relief that the Bears were able to win, I am either going to now have a very tough Election Night three weeks from today, or it will be another improbable come from behind performance by a Republican political team across the country that will never give up, never give in, and will refuse to lose.