Monday, January 22, 2007

Crown 'Em!

It is with a tremendous sense of glee that I compose this post.

Last Friday, I made note of the ironic fact that it was the 144th post (a gross) of this blog and hoped that such would be a good omen for Chicago Bears Quarterback Rex Grossman and fans of his team who happen to have the last name Gross.

So, what does Rex do? He throws for 144 yards yesterday! How fitting!

What a great day in Chicago sports history. For the first time in my life, I can truly appreciate a Chicago Bears Super Bowl appearance and as great as those six Chicago Bulls championships were in the 1990s, this would be even huger. After all the pain and hurt that comes from being a lifelong Cubs fan, moments like this are truly special.

The Colts won too of course, setting up a very Midwestern Super Bowl.

Things have really fallen in place for what I wanted to see happen in the NFL playoffs and over the last two weeks, I am 6-0.

NFC Corruption Bowl:

Saints (11-6) at Bears (14-3)- W

AFC Pretty Boy QBs who are in Entirely Too Many TV Commercials Bowl:

Patriots (14-4) at Colts (14-4)- W

Conference Championship Record: 2-0 (100 %)
Overall Results: 147-120 (55%)

Valiant efforts over the course of the season but say goodbye to the:

Saints (11-7)
Patriots (14-5)

And now, let the hype begin and let it last over the next two weeks....

Throughout the course of the season, the now NFC Champion Chicago Bears were much maligned both around the country and even in Chicago, but they proved their critics wrong, especially the unanimous panel of ESPN NFL experts who all predicted a Saints win.

39-14 my friends.

Sounds like a Super Fan prediction.

The Super Bowl should be a great game and it could obviously be won by either of the two fine teams who are in it. I think the Bears probably are quite content with being the underdogs though once again.

So, I close by borrowing a phrase or two from the now former head coach of the Arizona Cardinals, Mr. Dennis Green in saying-

The Bears are who I thought they were!

Crown their asses!