Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bad News Bears/Wait 'Til Next Year

Alright now, I spent a good deal of time yesterday on a couple different political blogs that I often comment on discussing the Super Bowl and the disappointing result for Bears fans. There really is not much more that I feel like saying here, save for a few disjointed thoughts as we shut the door on this season of the National Football League.

Clearly, the better team won on Super Bowl Sunday and congratulations to the Colts and their fans.

But there is still much reason for optimism in Chicago regarding the Bears and hopefully they will be able to take the final step in the process next year and take the Vince Lombardi Trophy home from Arizona.

It’s been quite a ride since the beginning of last season, when a so-called expert from Sports Illustrated said they would be the worst team in the NFL. Instead, a third string rookie QB named Kyle Orton somehow managed to win 10 games for the team before Rex Grossman returned from injury. Unfortunately though, the Bears had a quick playoff exit in a game in which they were embarrassed by Carolina.

This season though, the team responded by putting together a very strong season and clinching the number one seed in the NFC, despite being much maligned around the country and even at home while putting together a 13-3 record. During this time, most Bears fans would have claimed that a successful season would culminate in a trip to Miami for the Super Bowl, regardless of the outcome and there was much joy when the Bears took that next step by winning two playoff games and earning that bid.

So, they got there, they played lousy, (after a very exciting first 10 minutes of the game), and it is disappointing, but considering where they came from, it’s been one heck of a ride.

Next year though, there is no margin for error. Win it all!

In the meantime, the Bulls are having a pretty good year and hope always springs eternal for the Cubs. Hopefully there will be some worthwhile diversions from the ups and downs of politics for me to enjoy in the months ahead.

Also coming soon, will be weekly analysis of the spectacle that is American Idol…….

Colts (15-4) vs. Bears (15-3)- L

NFC Champion Bears finish 15-4
World Champion Colts finish 16-4

Super Bowl Result: 0-1 (0%)
Final 2006 Results: 147-121 (55%)