Friday, June 15, 2007

2007 House Special Elections

Since I posted predictions on every House race during the 2006 midterm, and plan to do so again for future general elections, I might as well maintain the practice for any special elections for the U.S. House of Representatives.

Currently, there are three seats that are either vacant or soon to become vacant. The first round of voting in one state will take place this coming Tuesday. Another state will vote for the following week, and then there will be additional rounds, and another state voting in August.

However, these races are pretty easy to predict as far as it relates to what party will control the seat, so I am just going to go ahead and do this one quick post on which party will win the three seats, as I do in regular elections. If I turn out to be wrong on any, I will have no choice but to re-visit it.


2004 Presidential Result: Blue State (West)

37. vacant upon the death of Juanita Millender-McDonald (D)-(Kerry 74%)
Safe Democrat


2004 Presidential Result: Red State (South)

10. vacant upon the death of Charlie Norwood (R)- (GWB 72%- pre-redistricting numbers)
Likely Republican


2004 Presidential Result: Blue State (East)

5. vacant upon the resignation of Martin Meehan (D)- (Kerry 57%)
Likely Democrat