Wednesday, November 15, 2017

NFL Week 11


Overall Results: 64-82 (44%)

1. Titans (6-3) at Steelers (7-2)
2. Lions (5-4) at Bears (3-6)
3. Jaguars (6-3) at Browns (0-9)
4. Ravens (4-5) at Packers (5-4)
5. Cardinals (4-5) at Texans (3-6)
6. Buccaneers (3-6) at Dolphins (4-5)
7. Rams (7-2) at Vikings (7-2)
8. Chiefs (6-3) at Giants (1-8)
9. Redskins (4-5) at Saints (7-2)
10. Bills (5-4) at Chargers (3-6)
11. Bengals (3-6) at Broncos (3-6)
12. Patriots (7-2) vs. Raiders (4-5) in Mexico City
13. Eagles (8-1) at Cowboys (5-4)
14. Falcons (5-4) at Seahawks (6-3)

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

NFL Week 10 Results


1. Seahawks (5-3) at Cardinals (4-4) L 1
2. Packers (4-4) at Bears (3-5) L 2
3. Browns (0-8) at Lions (4-4) L 3
4. Steelers (6-2) at Colts (3-6) W 1
5. Chargers (3-5) at Jaguars (5-3) W 2
6. Saints (6-2) at Bills (5-3) L 4
7. Jets (4-5) at Buccaneers (2-6) L 5
8. Vikings (6-2) at Redskins (4-4) L 6
9. Bengals (3-5) at Titans (5-3) W 3
10. Texans (3-5) at Rams (6-2) L 7
11. Cowboys (5-3) at Falcons (4-4) W 4
12. Giants (1-7) at 49ers (0-9) W 5
13. Patriots (6-2) at Broncos (3-5) L 8
14. Dolphins (4-4) at Panthers (6-3) L 9

Week 10 Results: 5-9 (36%)
Overall Results: 64-82 (44%)

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

NFL Week 10


Overall Results: 59-73 (45%)

1. Seahawks (5-3) at Cardinals (4-4)
2. Packers (4-4) at Bears (3-5)
3. Browns (0-8) at Lions (4-4)
4. Steelers (6-2) at Colts (3-6)
5. Chargers (3-5) at Jaguars (5-3)
6. Saints (6-2) at Bills (5-3)
7. Jets (4-5) at Buccaneers (2-6)
8. Vikings (6-2) at Redskins (4-4)
9. Bengals (3-5) at Titans (5-3)
10. Texans (3-5) at Rams (6-2)
11. Cowboys (5-3) at Falcons (4-4)
12. Giants (1-7) at 49ers (0-9)
13. Patriots (6-2) at Broncos (3-5)
14. Dolphins (4-4) at Panthers (6-3)

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

NFL Week 9 Results


1. Bills (5-2) at Jets (3-5) L 1
2. Colts (2-6) at Texans (3-4) L 2
3. Bengals (3-4) at Jaguars (4-3) L 3
4. Buccaneers (2-5) at Saints (5-2) L 4
5. Rams (5-2) at Giants (1-6) L 5
6. Falcons (4-3) at Panthers (5-3) L 6
7. Broncos (3-4) at Eagles (7-1) L 7
8. Ravens (4-4) at Titans (4-3) W 1
9. Cardinals (3-4) at 49ers (0-8) L 8
10. Redskins (3-4) at Seahawks (5-2) W 2
11. Chiefs (6-2) at Cowboys (4-3) L 9
12. Raiders (3-5) at Dolphins (4-3) L 10
13. Lions (3-4) at Packers (4-3) W 3

Week 9 Results: 3-10 (23%)
Overall Results: 59-73 (45%)

Monday, November 06, 2017

Virginia Governor Election

Status: Democrat Open
2016 Presidential Result: Blue State (South)

Outlook: Tossup (D)

I have taken advantage of the ability to wait until the eve of this election to make my final prediction, as the race has been considered to be very fluid in recent days. There is certainly much on the line in this contest to be decided tomorrow, both in terms of whom the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia will elect to be their Governor, as well as indications of the shape of the two major political parties, exactly one year after an historic Presidential election and exactly one year before a pivotal midterm election.

In truth, every four years, the Virginia Gubernatorial race gets more attention than it probably deserves as one of just two contests for Governor to take part in the first odd year after the last Presidential election. Like New Jersey, the party that wins the White House, almost always winds up up on the losing end for Governor. That was the case in 2001 when the Republican nominee fell several points short in a state that George W. Bush had easily carried the year before and while the incumbent President was in possession of as much political capital as any President in American history.

That streak did end four years ago, when Democrat Terry McAuliffe was elected in Virginia, an increasingly blue state, recently carried by Barack Obama, that had become less culturally conservative. McAuliffe prevailed in a race over a very conservative Republican in a contest where both major party nominees were seen as polarizing and unlikable. In many ways, that was a pretext for the 2016 Presidential contest, where Democrats Hillary Clinton and home state Senator Tim Kaine won Virginia by nearly six points over Donald Trump, while the unconventional Republican nominee won enough of the other battleground states to take the White House. It is worth nothing that McAuliffe had a large lead in the final polls in 2013, and was expected to win by a landslide, but only prevailed by less than three points at the end. A bit of a "moral victory" for Republicans, but still a loss nonetheless.

Now, in the only state in America where an incumbent Governor cannot seek a second term, there is some evidence to suggest that McAuliffe's mixed popularity could lead to an opening for a Republican, but the historical trends seem to suggest that this contest should be one that favors the Democrats. The fact that Donald Trump has the lowest approval ratings of any President, one year after his election, than any in the history of polling, also should favor the Democrat in this purplish blue state.

For most of the year, the Democrats were considered to have a solid edge in holding this office, but the race has seemed to change dramatically over the past month, with momentum seemingly on the side of the Republican candidate. The final round of polls out though over the past couple of days have pushed back to an extent, with them all showing a slight lead again for the Democrat, perhaps throwing some cold water on the hopes of Republicans and Trump supporters (an uneasy coalition in many cases) around the country.

This race could truly go either way and and an odd year election adds more uncertainty about turnout. If this were a midterm, I would say this race was "Leans Democrat" and for a long time, that is what I would have called this race. However, this has to be looked at as a Tossup until the votes start being counted. I am slightly less confident of an upset than I would have been about a week ago though, as I think historical trends and the political nature of the state, including divisions among non-Democrats, is more likely to cause a Republican loss, with the Democrat winning by a plurality. This year, Libertarian nominee attorney Cliff Hyra just might be spoiler.

As the saying goes though, Democrats need to win this contest more than Republicans do, with all the factors considered. While the 2018 midterms will have their own state by state dynamics, a loss in Clinton carried Virginia could and should have significant psychological scarring to Democrats, amid continued recriminations and recent finger pointing about the loss to Trump, as well as having fallen short on all of the special Congressional races the party had targeted in 2017.

In regards to the major party nominees for Governor of Virginia this year, the establishment won out over the populist movements of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. This has led both parties to be very concerned in this general election about turning out their base and getting unenthusiastic voters to the polls.

The Democrats' nominee, and once solid general election frontrunner is Ralph Northam, a physician and current Lt. Governor. A native Virginian, Northam served in the Army and considered himself a Republican before entering politics. While he has admitted to having supported Republicans such as former President George W. Bush, he now says he regrets those votes. Despite his recent statewide victory for Lt. Governor and strong support from the state party establishment, he faced a competitive primary from former Congressman Tom Perriello, who as a young House freshman, was thought of as a moderate from a pro-Republican area. That area turned out to be so pro-Republican though that Perriello was booted out of office after one term in the 2010 midterms. By the time he ran for Governor, the ex-Congressman was describing himself as a progressive ally of Bernie Sanders fighting against the party establishment. He had some significant liberal backing from Democrats around the country, but when the June votes were cast in the primary, Northam prevailed by a surprisingly large 12 points. Perriello immediately expressed support for the candidate who defeated him.

The Republican primary contest was quite different. The establishment favorite and solid frontrunner was Ed Gillespie, a New Jersey born transplant who had been raised in a family of Democrats. Gillespie though made a name for himself in Washington D.C. as one of the GOP's top movers and shakers, eventually becoming a senior official in the George W. Bush White House and after that, President Bush's choice to Chair the Republican National Committee. During the Obama years, Gillespie worked as a lobbyist and stayed active in Republican politics, including a top level role in the 2012 Mitt Romney campaign. In 2014, he ran for the U.S. Senate against popular incumbent Mark Warner in Virginia. Long thought of as a severe underdog who was mostly doing his service to the party, Election Night saw Gillespie come shockingly close to pulling off what would have been the biggest upset in the country that year. Had national Republicans provided him with more resources, he might be in the U.S. Senate today, but he fell just short, but was immediately considered a very strong candidate for Governor in 2017.

Gillespie would not have the primary field to himself however. He was challenged by State Senator Frank Wagner who would go on to finish a distant third, but chiefly by Corey Stewart, the four term Chairman of the Prince George's County Board of Supervisors. Stewart had failed in a bid to be the Republican nominee for Lt. Governor in 2013.

While Stewart had achieved political success locally, by this race, he was primarily known as a controversial and unabashed proponent of Donald Trump. In fact, the Trump campaign had fired him in Virginia because was seen as too much of a "loose cannon." Nonetheless, Stewart had strongly embraced the populist appeal of Trump and of the Tea Party. A native Minnesotan, Stewart based his Gubernatorial primary candidacy on the issue of Confederate identity and had some tenuous ties to the white nationalist movement. That proved to be especially controversial after the primary with the deadly violence that occurred in Charlottesville. Now, a candidate for U.S. Senate, Stewart made headlines by aligning himself with Trump's blame on "both sides."

Before that though, with the issue of Confederate monuments and statues playing a large role in the Republican primary, as well as the belief among many that Gillespie was beholden to a fledgling Republican establishment or being part of the Beltway "swamp", Stewart came much closer than expected, only losing to Gillespie by less than 5,000 votes and about one percent of the total vote. Let me take a moment to say that if Stewart had actually won that primary, that I, as a lifelong Republican (named Corey) would openly be supporting Northam over him in this race.

Alas though, Gillespie prevailed, narrowly, and Stewart claimed he would never preach party unity and it seemed unlikely that he or many of his supporters could ever get behind the man who had defeated them. The contrast between the two parties and the primary results and the way that the candidates behaved afterwards could not have been more stark. While most political observers conceded that Gillespie was a credible candidate, it looked like would simply have no chance of winning against the Democrats.

Throughout the summer though, while Northam led in the polls, Gillespie kept things reasonably close. This was kind of deja vu in a way with the Clinton vs. Trump race, as Northam was seen as perhaps trying to coast to victory on a lead. In many ways, his campaign messaging and lack of charisma on the trail has been compared to that of Clinton, and some Democrats have been vocal in recent days of how much that scares them.

Along the way as well, Gillespie has somehow managed to do what is pretty difficult in politics. He has maintained his establishment support, including among many voters who rejected Donald Trump, and has made major inroads with Trump supporters and Tea Party types. As one of those establishment Republicans, who has been a fan of Gillespie for years, I find myself admiring his political skill, but being somewhat uneasy about what he has had to do. He has kept Trump at arm's length, and despite the President's endorsement, never brought him in to campaign for him, but has definitely not done anything that would be seen as an outright rejection of Trump or his policies. In spite of everything that happened in Charlottesville, Gillespie, has gotten well to the right of Northam on the issue of Confederate monuments and talked about how it would be wrong to whitewash history. A lot of people in the Commonwealth seemingly agree with him on the issue.

The ads on both sides have been absolutely brutal in recent weeks as Gillespie and his allies tie Northam to crimes committed by gangbangers and support for illegal immigrants through Sanctuary Cities, which do not currently even exist in Virginia. This has clearly proven to be a problem for the Democrats, as Northam has recently flip flopped on that issue. In doing so, a left-wing grassroots group pulled their support for Northam, which is something his campaign very much did not need.

Gillespie still had not managed to get many of the non-Democrats in his corner, but might have gotten a break when a pro-Northam independent group ran a controversial ad recently in which a white driver in a pickup truck adorned with both Confederate flags and Gillespie for Governor bumper stickers (which I think would have been pretty unlikely, at least until very recently) was depicted as trying to run down (or perhaps round up for deportation) minority children on the street, until it was all a dream. The ad was declared by many as way over the top and Republicans on blogs thought it was a major error that would cost Northam the election, especially after it was pulled in the wake of last week's truck terrorist attack in New York City. I am a bit more circumspect about if that ad was ever really going to be a gamechanger in the race, but I do think it is very possible that it will have been all the motivation needed for many Gillespie-skeptic voters on the right to cast a ballot for him. After his initial spouting off, even Corey Stewart is seen as tacitly in support, though no formal endorsement has been made, and the possibility that if there was one, it might do as much harm as good.

The bottom line is though that Gillespie now has Bush-Romney Republicans as well as Trump-Bannon populists all on his side, and that is why he might have a real chance of winning. Again, as someone who has long liked Gillespie and who would enjoy seeing cocky Democrats freak out about another loss, I would like him to win tomorrow. However, if his win would be a referendum on the Confederacy after all this, I really do not care who wins. That is where I am at in politics these days, as someone who is most certainly not a Democrat, but who will never be supportive of the direction Donald Trump and his allies want to take the Republican Party and the country.

The polls now seem to point to a lead for Northam of about 3-5 points. The polls though have been wrong before recently quite a bit, including understatement of Northam's support in the recent primary, and overstatement of Gillespie's lead that same day, but more so as they relate to under support of Republicans in general, including the 2013 Gubernatorial race, Gillespie's narrow loss for the Senate the year later, and Trump coming a few points closer there in 2016 than many thought he would.

My hunch is that all the talk of momentum for Gillespie has scared enough unenthusastic Democrats in the state into backing Northam and that he will win closely, with perhaps as little as 48 percent of the vote, matching Hillary Clinton's national total from a year ago. There is no Electoral College in a Gubernatorial race though, and that means Gillespie will lose a second consecutive close statewide election. If that happens, many will claim that he would never have come as close as he did without Trump and Trump supporters, while others, such as myself would say, that he would have probably won for certain had Trump lost last year and that he was dragged down by Trump's unpopularity with moderate voters.

This is one prediction I will be more than fine with being wrong with though. If Gillespie wins, he proved his political mettle when it mattered in a way that few politicians can claim to have done and Democrats will have to do a whole lot of soul searching.

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

NFL Week 9


Overall Results: 56-63 (47%)

1. Bills (5-2) at Jets (3-5)
2. Colts (2-6) at Texans (3-4)
3. Bengals (3-4) at Jaguars (4-3)
4. Buccaneers (2-5) at Saints (5-2)
5. Rams (5-2) at Giants (1-6)
6. Falcons (4-3) at Panthers (5-3)
7. Broncos (3-4) at Eagles (7-1)
8. Ravens (4-4) at Titans (4-3)
9. Cardinals (3-4) at 49ers (0-8)
10. Redskins (3-4) at Seahawks (5-2)
11. Chiefs (6-2) at Cowboys (4-3)
12. Raiders (3-5) at Dolphins (4-3)
13. Lions (3-4) at Packers (4-3)

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

NFL Week 8 Results


1. Dolphins (4-2) at Ravens (3-4) L 1
2. Vikings (5-2) vs. Browns (0-7) in Twickenham, England L 2
3. Falcons (3-3) at Jets (3-4) L 3
4. Panthers (4-3) at Buccaneers (2-4) L 4
5. 49ers (0-7) at Eagles (6-1) L 5
6. Bears (3-4) at Saints (4-2) L 6
7. Chargers (3-4) at Patriots (5-2) L 7
8. Raiders (3-4) at Bills (4-2) W 1
9. Colts (2-5) at Bengals (2-4) W 2
10. Texans (3-3) at Seahawks (4-2) L 8
11. Cowboys (3-3) at Redskins (3-3) L 9
12. Steelers (5-2) at Lions (3-3) W 3
13. Broncos (3-3) at Chiefs (5-2) W 4

Week 8 Results: 4-9 (31%)
Overall Results: 56-63 (47%)

Friday, October 27, 2017

New Jersey Governor Election

Status: Republican Open
2016 Presidential Result: Blue State (East)

Outlook: Likely Democrat

The year after a Presidential election brings about off year contests for Governor in two states. The race this year in New Jersey is easily considered to be the less competitive of the two.

Typically, the Garden State takes the opportunity to elect a Governor from the opposite party that has just won the White House. It is now more than a 30 year trend. Considering a divisive Republican won the election last year, and New Jersey, a state where Donald Trump has faced business failures, happens to be one that often leans towards Democrats, it seems pretty certain that the Governorship will revert back to that party after eight years of GOP control, mostly during the Obama years.

The current Governor Chris Christie is nationally known but has seen his political fortunes, both nationwide and locally take some major hits. After a successful first term, he was easily reelected in 2013 and seen as one of the frontrunners for the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination. Questions though arose about the activities of his staff during that campaign including the infamous "Bridgegate" episode that produced embarrassing headlines for Christie and legal problems for some of his top aides. His relationship with the legislature in the state deteriorated further during his second term and the always combative Governor saw his popularity drop as more people viewed him as too much of a loud mouthed bully.

Still though, Christie had his fans who appreciated his ability to have won office in a Democrat heavy state. He launched a campaign for President, but beyond some plaudits for his bare knuckles primary debate style towards such opponents as Marco Rubio, his support never materialized. After finishing way back in the pack of New Hampshire, Christie quit the race. He shocked many by endorsing long-time friend Donald Trump, becoming the first establishment figure to do so. Many thought Christie was on the verge of becoming Trump's running-mate, but he was not picked and like he was after he was passed over by Mitt Romney in 2012, was reportedly quite peeved. Nonetheless, Christie was a Trump surrogate and after the surprising Presidential win, he was thought of as a potential Attorney General or other high position. The Governor had run afoul of Trump, perhaps at some point on Election Night, reportedly regarding a dirty cell phone, or during the brief time was led the Trump Transition team before being moved out of that role. After all that, Christie was not offered any position and he would be stuck serving his final year as New Jersey's lame duck Governor.

For the past year, polls have shown Christie as perhaps one of the most unpopular Governors in the history of American politics. It has definitely been quite a fall and the state is definitely in the mood for a new Governor. None of this is good news for the current Republican nominee, who happens to have served as Christie's Lt. Governor (the first the state has ever had) during the past eight years.

Republican Kim Gaudagno, who also serves as Secretary of State, benefited from her partnership with Christie when the Administration was new, but now, he is more of a very large political anchor. In spite of this, she solidly won this year's Republican primary over opponents who ran to her right, and who were far more willing to embrace Donald Trump, than the Lt. Governor, who unlike her boss in Trenton, refused to support Trump in 2016. State Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli finished roughly 16 points behind. Nobody in the GOP field ran as an ally of Christie.

At this point though, Trump is more popular in New Jersey than Christie is, and Gaudagno has found it more necessary to keep her distance from the Governor she twice ran with and touted. Christie has seemed to understand her need for space. He admitted he voted for her in the primary, despite the heavy criticism she has been giving him recently, including when he shut the state's beaches down this past summer, only to be seen lounging with his family on the closed waterfronts. While she has been seen in the past as a talented politician with cross party appeal, Gaudagno is seriously hampered in New Jersey this year by both Trump and Christie. Had Christie been given a position in the federal government, or had he just resigned early, the Lt. Governor would have taken over and become the incumbent, and would likely be in at least a somewhat better position in this race.

The Democrat primary for this open seat was expected to be more competitive than that held by Republicans, but in actuality, the result was slightly more lopsided, as 48 percent voted to nominate Phil Murphy, a very wealthy Goldman Sachs executive who served as Ambassador to Germany during the first four years of the Obama Administration. Goldman Sachs is often derided by the left-wing of the party, but Murphy followed the template of former New Jersey Senator and Governor Jon Corzine, of past Wall Street success, and torpedoed his political opponents with loads of money. Finishing second in the primary, about 26 points behind was Jim Johnson, an African-American former Treasury Department official. In a close third place was State Assemblyman and former state party Chairman John Wisniewski. The populist pitches against Murphy and his Goldman Sachs ties clearly did not work.

Immediately, Murphy was seen as the strong frontrunner over Gaudagno and not much has changed. He has had a persistent large lead in the polls, although Murphy is not exactly seen as a beloved political figure, allowing the Republican to have semi-respectable showing in some surveys. Both candidates had to pick running-mates for Lt. Governor after securing the nomination and both placed emphasis on racial and gender diversity. Murphy picked Sheila Oliver, an African-American Assemblywoman who had served as Speaker while Gaudagno picked the lesser known Carlos Rendo, the Cuban born Mayor of Woodcliff Lake.

One intriguing aspect of this race is that the winner may soon have to pick a U.S. Senator. Democrat Robert Mendendez is currently on trial in federal court and most expect he will be a guest at a federal institution before too long. The decision will likely happen though before New Jersey's next Governor is sworn in or even perhaps elected in less than two weeks. Could incumbent Governor Christie attempt to appoint a Republican to serve through the 2018 election? That would create a firestorm and Democrats would be insistent that the newly elected Governor name the replacement, similar to the brouhaha over replacing Antonin Scalia on the U.S. Supreme Court.

There does not seem to be much drama in the race with Murphy seemingly holding a lead in the polls of about 15 percent, as well as a huge financial advantage. Democrats will be happy to celebrate any victory they can get and they can likely expect one here. There does not seem to be much Gaudagno can do, as she tries to separate herself from both Trump and Christie, while also trying to appeal to their conservative and/or populist supporters on issues like crime, taxes, and sanctuary cities.

She has to wonder just how different things might be, had Hillary Clinton won the Presidency last year, or if Chris Christie had not fallen into such disfavor.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

NFL Week 8


Overall Results: 52-54 (49%)

1. Dolphins (4-2) at Ravens (3-4)
2. Vikings (5-2) vs. Browns (0-7) in Twickenham, England
3. Falcons (3-3) at Jets (3-4)
4. Panthers (4-3) at Buccaneers (2-4)
5. 49ers (0-7) at Eagles (6-1)
6. Bears (3-4) at Saints (4-2)
7. Chargers (3-4) at Patriots (5-2)
8. Raiders (3-4) at Bills (4-2)
9. Colts (2-5) at Bengals (2-4)
10. Texans (3-3) at Seahawks (4-2)
11. Cowboys (3-3) at Redskins (3-3)
12. Steelers (5-2) at Lions (3-3)
13. Broncos (3-3) at Chiefs (5-2)

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

NFL Week 7 Results


1. Chiefs (5-1) at Raiders (2-4) L 1
2. Buccaneers (2-3) at Bills (3-2) W 1
3. Ravens (3-3) at Vikings (4-2) L 2
4. Jets (3-3) at Dolphins (3-2) W 2
5. Cardinals (3-3) vs. Rams (4-2) in Twickenham, England  L3
6. Jaguars (3-3) at Colts (2-4) L 4
7. Saints (3-2) at Packers (4-2) W 3
8. Panthers (4-2) at Bears (2-4) W 4
9. Titans (3-3) at Browns (0-6) W 5
10. Cowboys (2-3) at 49ers (0-6) L 5
11. Broncos (3-2) at Chargers (2-4) L 6
12. Bengals (2-3) at Steelers (4-2) L 7
13. Seahawks (3-2) at Giants (1-5) L 8
14. Falcons (3-2) at Patriots (4-2) W 6
15. Redskins (3-2) at Eagles (5-1) L 9

Week 7 Results: 6-9 (40%)
Overall Results: 52-54 (49%)

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

NFL Week 7


Overall Results: 46-45 (51%)

1. Chiefs (5-1) at Raiders (2-4)
2. Buccaneers (2-3) at Bills (3-2)
3. Ravens (3-3) at Vikings (4-2)
4. Jets (3-3) at Dolphins (3-2)
5. Cardinals (3-3) vs. Rams (4-2) in Twickenham, England
6. Jaguars (3-3) at Colts (2-4)
7. Saints (3-2) at Packers (4-2)
8. Panthers (4-2) at Bears (2-4)
9. Titans (3-3) at Browns (0-6)
10. Cowboys (2-3) at 49ers (0-6)
11. Broncos (3-2) at Chargers (2-4)
12. Bengals (2-3) at Steelers (4-2)
13. Seahawks (3-2) at Giants (1-5)
14. Falcons (3-2) at Patriots (4-2)
15. Redskins (3-2) at Eagles (5-1)

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

NFL Week 6 Results


1. Eagles (4-1) at Panthers (4-1) L 1
2. Bears (1-4) at Ravens (3-2) W 1
3. Browns (0-5) at Texans (2-3) W 2
4. Packers (4-1) at Vikings (3-2) W 3
5. Lions (3-2) at Saints (2-2) W 4
6. Dolphins (2-2) at Falcons (3-1) W 5
7. Patriots (3-2) at Jets (3-2) L 2
8. 49ers (0-5) at Redskins (2-2) L 3
9. Buccaneers (2-2) at Cardinals (2-3) W 6
10. Rams (3-2) at Jaguars (3-2) L 4
11. Steelers (3-2) at Chiefs (5-0) L 5
12. Chargers (1-4) at Raiders (2-3) W 7
13. Giants (0-5) at Broncos (3-1) L 6
14. Colts (2-3) at Titans (2-3) W 8

Week 6 Results: 8-6 (57%)

Overall Results: 46-45 (51%)

Monday, October 16, 2017

2017 Liberty Medal Ceremony remarks

"To fear the world we have organized and led for three-quarters of a century, to abandon the ideals we have advanced around the globe, to refuse the obligations of international leadership and our duty to remain “the last best hope of earth” for the sake of some half-baked, spurious nationalism cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems is as unpatriotic as an attachment to any other tired dogma of the past that Americans consigned to the ash heap of history.

We live in a land made of ideals, not blood and soil. We are the custodians of those ideals at home, and their champion abroad. We have done great good in the world. That leadership has had its costs, but we have become incomparably powerful and wealthy as we did. We have a moral obligation to continue in our just cause, and we would bring more than shame on ourselves if we don’t. We will not thrive in a world where our leadership and ideals are absent. We wouldn’t deserve to."

Senator John McCain
October 16, 2017

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

NFL Week 6


Overall Results:38-39 (49%)

1. Eagles (4-1) at Panthers (4-1)
2. Bears (1-4) at Ravens (3-2)
3. Browns (0-5) at Texans (2-3)
4. Packers (4-1) at Vikings (3-2)
5. Lions (3-2) at Saints (2-2)
6. Dolphins (2-2) at Falcons (3-1)
7. Patriots (3-2) at Jets (3-2)
8. 49ers (0-5) at Redskins (2-2)
9. Buccaneers (2-2) at Cardinals (2-3)
10. Rams (3-2) at Jaguars (3-2)
11. Steelers (3-2) at Chiefs (5-0)
12. Chargers (1-4) at Raiders (2-3)
13. Giants (0-5) at Broncos (3-1)
14. Colts (2-3) at Titans (2-3)

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

NFL Week 5 Results


1. Patriots (2-2) at Buccaneers (2-1) W 1
2. Jets (2-2) at Browns (0-4) L 1
3. Panthers (3-1) at Lions (3-1) W 2
4. 49ers (0-4) at Colts (1-3) W 3
5. Titans (2-2) at Dolphins (1-2) L 2
6. Bills (3-1) at Bengals (1-3) L 3
7. Chargers (0-4) at Giants (0-4) W 4
8. Jaguars (2-2) at Steelers (3-1) L 4
9. Cardinals (2-2) at Eagles (3-1) L 5
10. Seahawks (2-2) at Rams (3-1) W 5
11. Ravens (2-2) at Raiders (2-2) W 6
12. Packers (3-1) at Cowboys (2-2) L 6
13. Chiefs (4-0) at Texans (2-2) W 7
14. Vikings (2-2) at Bears (1-3) L 7

Week 5 Results: 7-7 (50%)
Overall Results: 38-39 (49%)

Sunday, October 08, 2017

2017 U.S. House Special Election

Next month will see one final U.S. House special election. There will be at least one, and likely two, early in 2018, and predictions will be made at that time.

Utah 3
vacant upon the resignation of Jason Chaffetz (R)
won by Trump with 47% of the vote

Safe R

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

NFL Week 5


Overall Results: 31-32 (49%)

1. Patriots (2-2) at Buccaneers (2-1)
2. Jets (2-2) at Browns (0-4)
3. Panthers (3-1) at Lions (3-1)
4. 49ers (0-4) at Colts (1-3)
5. Titans (2-2) at Dolphins (1-2)
6. Bills (3-1) at Bengals (1-3)
7. Chargers (0-4) at Giants (0-4)
8. Jaguars (2-2) at Steelers (3-1)
9. Cardinals (2-2) at Eagles (3-1)
10. Seahawks (2-2) at Rams (3-1)
11. Ravens (2-2) at Raiders (2-2)
12. Packers (3-1) at Cowboys (2-2)
13. Chiefs (4-0) at Texans (2-2)
14. Vikings (2-2) at Bears (1-3)

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

NFL Week 4 Results


1. Bears (1-2) at Packers (2-1) L 1
2. Saints (1-2) vs. Dolphins (1-1) in London, England L 2
3. Titans (2-1) at Texans (1-2) L 3
4. Jaguars (2-1) at Jets (1-2) L 4
5. Panthers (2-1) at Patriots (2-1) L 5
6. Lions (2-1) at Vikings (2-1) W 1
7. Bills (2-1) at Falcons (3-0) W 2
8. Steelers (2-1) at Ravens (2-1) W 3
9. Bengals (0-3) at Browns (0-3) W 4
10. Rams (2-1) at Cowboys (2-1) L 6
11. Eagles (2-1) at Chargers (0-3) L 7
12. Giants (0-3) at Buccaneers (1-1) L 8
13. 49ers (0-3) at Cardinals (1-2) L 9
14. Raiders (2-1) at Broncos (2-1) W 5
15. Colts (1-2) at Seahawks (1-2) L 10
16. Redskins (2-1) at Chiefs (3-0) W 6

Week 4 Results: 6-10 (38%)

Overall Results: 31-32 (49%)

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

NFL Week 4


Overall Results: 25-22 (53%)

1. Bears (1-2) at Packers (2-1)
2. Saints (1-2) vs. Dolphins (1-1) in London, England
3. Titans (2-1) at Texans (1-2)
4. Jaguars (2-1) at Jets (1-2)
5. Panthers (2-1) at Patriots (2-1)
6. Lions (2-1) at Vikings (2-1)
7. Bills (2-1) at Falcons (3-0)
8. Steelers (2-1) at Ravens (2-1)
9. Bengals (0-3) at Browns (0-3)
10. Rams (2-1) at Cowboys (2-1)
11. Eagles (2-1) at Chargers (0-3)
12. Giants (0-3) at Buccaneers (1-1)
13. 49ers (0-3) at Cardinals (1-2)
14. Raiders (2-1) at Broncos (2-1)
15. Colts (1-2) at Seahawks (1-2)
16. Redskins (2-1) at Chiefs (3-0)

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

NFL Week 3 Results

A couple results of the week are that the players and owners showed they are united and the nation has showed it is divided. Colin Kaepernick, whom I have felt has looked quite foolish in his "protests" and his reasonings for them, now has a lot more fans and will probably be on an NFL roster soon. We have our President to thank for that.

I hope that all the people who say they are done with the NFL truly keep their word, if they expect us to believe it. In the meantime, I hope that everyone at NFL stadiums, including players, show the national anthem of the country where the game is being played, the respect it deserves, for the sake of the people who pay money to attend games in their country. Before or after the anthem, if someone wants to non-violently protest Donald Trump, that is a right protected by the flag to which we ought to pledge allegience.


1. Rams (1-1) at 49ers (0-2) L 1
2. Ravens (2-0) vs. Jaguars (1-1) in London, England W 1
3. Browns (0-2) at Colts (0-2) W 2
4. Giants (0-2) at Eagles (1-1) L 2
5. Dolphins (1-0) at Jets (0-2) L 3
6. Broncos (2-0) at Bills (1-1) W 3
7. Saints (0-2) at Panthers (2-0) W 4
8. Steelers (2-0) at Bears (0-2) W 5
9. Falcons (2-0) at Lions (2-0) W 6
10. Buccaneers (1-0) at Vikings (1-1) W 7
11. Texans (1-1) at Patriots (1-1) L 4
12. Seahawks (1-1) at Titans (1-1) W 8
13. Bengals (0-2) at Packers (1-1) L 5
14. Chiefs (2-0) at Chargers (0-2) W 9
15. Raiders (2-0) at Redskins (1-1) L 6
16. Cowboys (1-1) at Cardinals (1-1) L 7

Week 3 Results: 9-7 (56%)
Overall Results: 25-22 (53%)

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

NFL Week 3


Overall Results: 16-15 (52%)

1. Rams (1-1) at 49ers (0-2)
2. Ravens (2-0) vs. Jaguars (1-1) in London, England
3. Browns (0-2) at Colts (0-2)
4. Giants (0-2) at Eagles (1-1)
5. Dolphins (1-0) at Jets (0-2)
6. Broncos (2-0) at Bills (1-1)
7. Saints (0-2) at Panthers (2-0)
8. Steelers (2-0) at Bears (0-2)
9. Falcons (2-0) at Lions (2-0)
10. Buccaneers (1-0) at Vikings (1-1)
11. Texans (1-1) at Patriots (1-1)
12. Seahawks (1-1) at Titans (1-1)
13. Bengals (0-2) at Packers (1-1)
14. Chiefs (2-0) at Chargers (0-2)
15. Raiders (2-0) at Redskins (1-1)
16. Cowboys (1-1) at Cardinals (1-1)

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

NFL Week 2 Results


1. Texans (0-1) at Bengals (0-1) L 1
2. Browns (0-1) at Ravens (1-0) W 1
3. Bears (0-1) at Buccaneers (0-0) L 2
4. Vikings (1-0) at Steelers (1-0) W 2
5. Patriots (0-1) at Saints (0-1) W 3
6. Eagles (1-0) at Chiefs (1-0) W 4
7. Titans (0-1) at Jaguars (1-0) W 5
8. Cardinals (0-1) at Colts (0-1) L 3
9. Bills (1-0) at Panthers (1-0) L 4
10. Jets (0-1) at Raiders (1-0) L 5
11. Dolphins (0-0) at Chargers (0-1) W 6
12. 49ers (0-1) at Seahawks (0-1) W 7
13. Redskins (0-1) at Rams (1-0) W 8
14. Cowboys (1-0) at Broncos (1-0) W 9
15. Packers (1-0) at Falcons (1-0) W 10
16. Lions (1-0) at Giants (0-1) L 6

Week 2 Results: 10-6 (63%)
Overall Results: 16-15 (52%)

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

NFL Week 2


Overall Results: 6-9 (40%)

1. Texans (0-1) at Bengals (0-1)
2. Browns (0-1) at Ravens (1-0)
3. Bears (0-1) at Buccaneers (0-0)
4. Vikings (1-0) at Steelers (1-0)
5. Patriots (0-1) at Saints (0-1)
6. Eagles (1-0) at Chiefs (1-0)
7. Titans (0-1) at Jaguars (1-0)
8. Cardinals (0-1) at Colts (0-1)
9. Bills (1-0) at Panthers (1-0)
10. Jets (0-1) at Raiders (1-0)
11. Dolphins (0-0) at Chargers (0-1)
12. 49ers (0-1) at Seahawks (0-1)
13. Redskins (0-1) at Rams (1-0)
14. Cowboys (1-0) at Broncos (1-0)
15. Packers (1-0) at Falcons (1-0)
16. Lions (1-0) at Giants (0-1)

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

NFL Week 1 Results


Week 1
1. Chiefs (0-0) at Patriots (0-0)

1. Chiefs (0-0) at Patriots (0-0) W 1
2. Jets (0-0) at Bills (0-0) W 2
3. Eagles (0-0) at Redskins (0-0) L 1
4. Raiders (0-0) at Titans (0-0) L 2
5. Buccaneers (0-0) at Dolphins (0-0)-postponed until Week 11 due to Irma
6. Jaguars (0-0) at Texans (0-0) L 3
7. Cardinals (0-0) at Lions (0-0) L 4
8. Falcons (0-0) at Bears (0-0)  L 5
9. Ravens (0-0) at Bengals (0-0) L 6
10. Steelers (0-0) at Browns (0-0) W 3
11. Colts (0-0) at Rams (0-0) L 7
12. Seahawks (0-0) at Packers (0-0) L 8
13. Panthers (0-0) at 49ers (0-0) W 4
14. Giants (0-0) at Cowboys (0-0) W 5
15. Saints (0-0) at Vikings (0-0) L 9
16. Chargers (0-0) at Broncos (0-0) W 6

Week 1 and Overall Results: 6-9 (40%)

Monday, September 04, 2017

NFL Week 1

Later this week, a new season of the National Football League will kick off, as usual, with the defending Super Bowl champions playing on Thursday night.

Last year's season felt like a blur to me, with the craziness of the Presidential election, but especially with the overwhelmingly intense run to a World Series championship by the Chicago Cubs. As fall begins, football will once again, not my be my major focus sports-wise, but I still hope to be entertained. Of course my team, the Chicago Bears, were horrible last year, and with their record came a very high draft pick, and the hope that Mitch (or Mitchell) Trubisky will be the long awaited savior at Quarterback. He will begin his rookie season on the bench though, even as the Bears are expected to have an at least slightly better record than last year's 3-13 showing. The Trubisky Watch is clearly on though, as it seems to be just a matter of time, this season, before he eventually makes his debut as a starter.

As always, these are not predictions, but simply a listing of which teams I want to win each game. While I have no high expectations for the Bears this season, as always, I will root, as applicable, for what is in their best interest in regards to the season.

Week 1

Results this far: 0-0 (0%)

1. Chiefs (0-0) at Patriots (0-0)
2. Jets (0-0) at Bills (0-0)
3. Eagles (0-0) at Redskins (0-0)
4. Raiders (0-0) at Titans (0-0)
5. Buccaneers (0-0) at Dolphins (0-0)
6. Jaguars (0-0) at Texans (0-0)
7. Cardinals (0-0) at Lions (0-0)
8. Falcons (0-0) at Bears (0-0)
9. Ravens (0-0) at Bengals (0-0)
10. Steelers (0-0) at Browns (0-0)
11. Colts (0-0) at Rams (0-0)
12. Seahawks (0-0) at Packers (0-0)
13. Panthers (0-0) at 49ers (0-0)
14. Giants (0-0) at Cowboys (0-0)
15. Saints (0-0) at Vikings (0-0)
16. Chargers (0-0) at Broncos (0-0)

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Why Trump is Not a Republican

John C. Danforth was a Republican U.S. senator from Missouri from 1976 to 1995.

Many have said that President Trump isn’t a Republican. They are correct, but for a reason more fundamental than those usually given. Some focus on Trump’s differences from mainstream GOP policies, but the party is broad enough to embrace different views, and Trump agrees with most Republicans on many issues. Others point to the insults he regularly directs at party members and leaders, but Trump is not the first to promote self above party. The fundamental reason Trump isn’t a Republican is far bigger than words or policies. He stands in opposition to the founding principle of our party — that of a united country.
We are the party of Abraham Lincoln, and our founding principle is our commitment to holding the nation together. This brought us into being just before the Civil War. The first resolution of the platform at the party’s first national convention states in part that “the union of the States must and shall be preserved.” The issue then was whether we were one nation called the United States or an assortment of sovereign states, each free to go its own way. Lincoln believed that we were one nation, and he led us in a war to preserve the Union.
That founding principle of the party is also a founding principle of the United States. Even when we were a tiny fraction of our present size and breadth, the framers of our Constitution understood the need for holding ourselves together, whatever our differences. They created a constitutional structure and a Bill of Rights that would accommodate within one nation all manner of interests and opinions. Americans honor that principle in the national motto on the presidential seal: “e pluribus unum” — “out of many, one.” Today, the United States is far more diverse than when we were a nation of 3 million people , but the principle remains the same: We are of many different backgrounds, beliefs, races and creeds, and we are one.

The Republican Party has a long history of standing for a united country. Theodore Roosevelt raised up the ordinary people of his day and championed their cause against abusive trusts. Dwight Eisenhower used the army to integrate a Little Rock high school. George H.W. Bush signed the most important civil rights legislation in more than a quarter-century, a bill authored by Republican senators. George W. Bush stood before Congress and the nation and defended Muslims after 9/11. Our record hasn’t been perfect. When we have pushed the agenda of the Christian right, we have seemed to exclude people who don’t share our religious beliefs. We have seemed unfriendly to gay Americans. But our long history has been to uphold the dignity of all of God’s people and to build a country welcoming to all.
Now comes Trump, who is exactly what Republicans are not, who is exactly what we have opposed in our 160-year history. We are the party of the Union, and he is the most divisive president in our history. There hasn’t been a more divisive person in national politics since George Wallace.
It isn’t a matter of occasional asides, or indiscreet slips of the tongue uttered at unguarded moments. Trump is always eager to tell people that they don’t belong here, whether it’s Mexicans, Muslims, transgender people or another group. His message is, “You are not one of us,” the opposite of “e pluribus unum.” And when he has the opportunity to unite Americans, to inspire us, to call out the most hateful among us, the KKK and the neo-Nazis, he refuses.
To my fellow Republicans: We cannot allow Donald Trump to redefine the Republican Party. That is what he is doing, as long as we give the impression by our silence that his words are our words and his actions are our actions. We cannot allow that impression to go unchallenged.
As has been true since our beginning, we Republicans are the party of Lincoln, the party of the Union. We believe in our founding principle. We are proud of our illustrious history. We believe that we are an essential part of present-day American politics. Our country needs a responsibly conservative party. But our party has been corrupted by this hateful man, and it is now in peril.
In honor of our past and in belief in our future, for the sake of our party and our nation, we Republicans must disassociate ourselves from Trump by expressing our opposition to his divisive tactics and by clearly and strongly insisting that he does not represent what it means to be a Republican.


Saturday, August 19, 2017

What 45 Could Have Been

"I will dispense for now from discussion of the moral character of the president's Charlottesville statements. Whether he intended to or not, what he communicated caused racists to rejoice, minorities to weep, and the vast heart of America to mourn. His apologists strain to explain that he didn't mean what we heard. But what we heard is now the reality, and unless it is addressed by the president as such, with unprecedented candor and strength, there may commence an unraveling of our national fabric.
The leaders of our branches of military service have spoken immediately and forcefully, repudiating the implications of the president's words. Why? In part because the morale and commitment of our forces--made up and sustained by men and women of all races--could be in the balance. Our allies around the world are stunned and our enemies celebrate; America's ability to help secure a peaceful and prosperous world is diminished. And who would want to come to the aid of a country they perceive as racist if ever the need were to arise, as it did after 9/11?
In homes across the nation, children are asking their parents what this means. Jews, blacks, Hispanics, Muslims are as much a part of America as whites and Protestants. But today they wonder. Where might this lead? To bitterness and tears, or perhaps to anger and violence?
The potential consequences are severe in the extreme. Accordingly, the president must take remedial action in the extreme. He should address the American people, acknowledge that he was wrong, apologize. State forcefully and unequivocally that racists are 100% to blame for the murder and violence in Charlottesville. Testify that there is no conceivable comparison or moral equivalency between the Nazis--who brutally murdered millions of Jews and who hundreds of thousands of Americans gave their lives to defeat--and the counter-protestors who were outraged to see fools parading the Nazi flag, Nazi armband and Nazi salute. And once and for all, he must definitively repudiate the support of David Duke and his ilk and call for every American to banish racists and haters from any and every association.
This is a defining moment for President Trump. But much more than that, it is a moment that will define America in the hearts of our children. They are watching, our soldiers are watching, the world is watching. Mr. President, act now for the good of the country."

Mitt Romney

Saturday, August 12, 2017

One Side

We should call evil by its name. My brother didn't give his life fighting Hitler for Nazi ideas to go unchallenged here at home. -OGH

Monday, April 10, 2017

2017 U.S. House Special Elections

Tomorrow will see the first general election to fill the five current vacancies in the U.S. House. The rest will be voted on in the weeks and months ahead, but I am offering predictions here, and will revise if I feel appropriate.

California 34
vacant upon the resignation of Xavier Becerra (D)
won by Clinton with 84% of the vote

Safe D/Leans Gomez
Georgia 6
vacant upon the resignation of Tom Price (R)
won by Trump with 48 % of the vote

Tossup (R)
Kansas 4
vacant upon the resignation of Mike Pompeo (R)
won by Trump with 60% of the vote

Likely R
Montana 1
vacant upon the resignation of Ryan Zinke (R)
won by Trump with 56 % of the vote

Likely R
South Carolina 5
vacant upon the resignation of Mick Mulvaney (R)
won by Trump with 57% of the vote

Safe R

Sunday, April 02, 2017

World Champion Chicago Cubs

Right now, the 2017 Major League Baseball season is officially underway, and in just hours, the Chicago Cubs will take the field in St. Louis as the defending champions for the first time since William Howard Taft was a new President.

As I have three times written an ode of sorts on this blog to the Chicago Blackhawks after their Stanley Cup victories (and might another one be in the offing?), I have been meaning for some time to write about the Cubs. Last year, as a lifelong fan of the team, was truly an amazing journey, and there is so much that I could say, but thanks to the crazy and unfortunate political landscape, my desire to write on here has lessened. This is worth at least some effort though as the new season gets underway. For years, I have been a proud Republican and a long suffering Cubs fan, and now, after 2016, neither of those labels really apply. I can choose to focus on the positive and just continue to remember how proud I was to see what the Cubs did. After years of heartbreak as a sports fan, despite seeing every professional team I root for win titles, from the Bears when I was a kid too young to really understand football, to the Michael Jordan Bulls dynasty of the '90s to the what the Blackhawks have doen this decade, I still find the Cubs winning it all hard to believe. This is the Holy Grail for me as a sports fan and while I hope to see more championships, for all of the teams mentioned, I can truly never really be upset about sports again, if things do not work out.

I can look back at a post I made on here in 2008, when the Cubs were swept out of a first round playoff series, just another episode of post-season heartbreak and I was pretty despondent that autumn. I wondered if being a fan was still worth it but concluded then, that I would give them another 40 years to win it all before I gave up. Thankfully for me, I did not even have to wait 10 more years. Lifelong Cubs fans, two generations or more ahead of me never got to see what I saw in early November.

Also, I know distinctly that as soon as Theo Epstein was hired as the Cubs Vice President of Baseball Operations in late 2011, that the organization was on the right track. Much praise must go to the Ricketts Family, along with Theo of course, and needless to say Joe Maddon, as manager, despite almost blowing it in Game 7!

In 2012, I specifically predicted the Cubs would win the World Series in 2016. I told this to many, many people. There was a lot of work to do though as Epstein, Jed Hoyer, and their team went about rebuilding a middling franchise into one that could achieve sustained succuess. So, in 2012, they had to suffer through a 102 loss season, even while calling up future cornerstone Anthony Rizzo. Some progress was made in 2013 but the team was still pretty bad. There was more and more promise in 2014 as the team won 73 games and continued optimism about all the prospects in the Minor Leagues, such as Kris Bryant.

In 2015, the Cubs had a great season, in their first year under Maddon, and won 97 games. That was only enough for third place in the NL Central though, but they thrilled their fans by winning a wildcard game on the road and then ousting the division champion rival Cardinals in the NLDS. The magic wore out in the NLCS as the Cubs were swept, but I could not help but feel as enthusiastic about the 2016 season as I have ever about any year. I wondered though if they could truly win it all the next year, despite my long-standing prediction. I just knew that had to get back to the NLCS and win at least one game. If I had to wait 8 years, with them coming one game closer each time, I would.

The 2016 season was magical though from start to finish. The Cubs got off to a blazing start and despite a rough couple weeks towards the middle of the year, coasted to the best record in baseball with 103 victories. For the most part, they dominated teams, but also had some impressive late inning comeback wins as well. I only saw them play one game in person last season, on a Thursday afternoon in Milwaukee in May. The Cubs lost, but the stadium was mostly wearing Cubbie blue.

In October, amid all the turmoil and confusion of the Presidential election, the playoffs began, and it was a very much needed diversion for me away from the horrific choice facing America. The Cubs would be favored in the NLDS against the San Francisco Giants, but somehow that team always manages to win the World Series during even number years. The Cubs won the first two games at home, but blew a lead in Game 3 on the West Coast, and even after mounting a comeback to force extra innings, came up short in their chance to wrap up that series. The next night, the Cubs were down, in the 9th inning, and it looked really scary, especially with the starting pitching the Giants would have lined up for the remainder of the series. When it mattered most though, the Cubs turned on a switch and scored runs in the 9th, and closed out San Francisco. This year really had to be different after all.

Then, it was on to the NLCS and the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Cubs won a thrilling Game 1, after having blown a lead, but then their bats were shut down by Clayton Kershaw in Game 2 at home. In Southern California, the Cubs continued to struggle at the plate, and they now trailed in the series. I was relieved that they were not going to get swept again in the NLCS but obviously wanted more wins. Just when things looked dark, the bats got hot again in Game 4 and Game 5 and amazingly, the Cubs were just one win away from the World Series.

I had seen this before though, as a child in 1984 and a a youngish adult in 2003. I felt confident they could get it done but was still in shock about what was actually happening. They had two chances to win, and Game 6 at Wrigley Field matched Clayton Kershaw against Cubs Cy Young candidate Kyle Hendricks. Behind Hendricks and timely hitting, the game was almost too good to be true. Was it really going to be that easy? Nonetheless, the Cubs were headed to the World Series for the first time since 1945. This was really happening and was not just a video game commercial or a Jim Belushi movie. I felt like even if that was the last win of the year, the "Curse of the Billy Goat" dating back to 1945, was now over and heir time was soon coming, but also had a feeling that they were just not going to be denied winning it all.

The Cleveland Indians were seeking their first title since 1948 as the World Series got underway. Their entire city had felt cursed by sports before the Cavaliers had won the NBA title in June and now their baseball team was looking to follow suit. The Cubs had been waiting since 1908 though and the two longest streaks in baseball would be put to the test.

In Game 1, the Indians Corey Kluber shut the Cubs out. Amazingly though, hitting phenom Kyle Schwarber, who had a great 2015 postseason in his rookie year, was the Designated Hitter for the Cubs in the World Series. This was something out of the movies. Schwarber had suffered a devastating knee injury in the first week of the season, before he could even collect his first hit, and was ruled out for all of 2016. He worked hard to rehab though and there was he playing in the World Series, his first MLB action in months. The dramatic possibilities were endless. While Schwarber did not hit a home run in the series, he did hit over .400 and the team likely would not have won it without him.

Schwarber was a big part of the Cubs Game 2 victory on the road and the series was tied heading back to Chicago. As Wrigley Field hosted its first World Series in 71 years, the atmosphere was electric, but the Cubs bats were not, and they lost a one run pitchers duel. The next night, Kluber continued his post-season mastery as the Cubs meekly went down and now trailed the series 3-1. I have to admit, that I sort of thought the season was soon to be over. Deep down, I kept some home alive, but it looked like the Cubs luck had finally run out and for that weekend at least, it was more depressing than I expected.

How can a team come back from a 3-1 deficit, with Games 6 and 7 on the road? That almost never happens and it would be even more dramatic than Cleveland's basketball team coming back from 3-1 that summer. After trailing early, the Cubs, behind a gutty performance by Cy Young candidate Jon Lester managed to win Game 5, the final game of the year at home (thanks to the All-Star Game result which cemented World Series home field advantage for the AL) and as a matter of pride, I felt good that the Cubs were not going down without a fight and that Wrigleyville could celebrate and sing "Go Cubs Go" for the last time that season.

The reigning Cy Young winner Jake Arietta was going for the Cubs in Game 6 though. If they could win that one, who knows what might happen in Game 7? The Cubs bats had woken up at the right time, as they rolled to a victory in Cleveland. Shortstop Addison Russell hit a Grand Slam and it seemed inevitable that the next day would actually see the Cubs playing for a title. Somehow though, fireballing closer Aroldis Chapman, a trade deadline addition, was called upon to pitch multiple innings in a game that the Cubs probably could have won without him and I was hoping that would not come back to haunt the team the next day.

Wednesday was Game 7 of the World Series. I had no choice but to go to work that day and I knew that win or lose or however many extra innings it took, I had to go to work on Thursday. This was just all so exciting though. The game was epic. Leadoff hitter Dexter Fowler hit a home run. Hendricks was outpitching Kluber and the Cubs had a lead in the middle innings. It was very hard to avoid counting how many outs away they were. Maddon made the move though to bring in Lester from the bullpen, to relieve Hendricks, with it all on the line, and the Indians immediately scored a couple of runs to draw closer. The next inning though, saw Lester's personal catcher, David Ross, the beloved "Grandpa" figure of the team, playing in his final season and his final game, hit a somewhat rare for him homerun. What a moment! It just seemed like destiny was shining on the Cubs.

The call was made though in the 8th inning, as expected, to bring in Chapman, and it did not go well. Dramatically, the Indians hit a home run to tie the game, conjuring up all sorts of unpleasant memories for Cubs fans. My thought though was that the game was tied, just like it was in the first inning, and there was a long way to go. The Cubs failed to score in the 9th, but somehow Chapman, basically pitching on fumes, avoided giving up the losing run in the 9th. I consider that very much an underappreciated aspect of Game 7.

Then, the rains hit Cleveland, and the tarp went on the field. I could not believe it. How many hours might this take? I just wanted the Cubs to take their at bats in the 10th. Fortunately, the rain delay lasted just 17 minutes, akin to a break before Overtime would begin in a playoff hockey game. This was a chance to get everyone to regroup and only after the game would we learn , somewhat, about what went on in the weight room, as Cubs outfielder Jason Heyward, a big-time free agent signee who struggled offensively all year, called a team meeting, Several of the Cubs were said to be crying over what was looking like a lost opportunity, but Heyward reminded them of the success they had and implored them to "fight for their brothers." Heyward earned every dollar of his salary in those moments. As for the short rain delay itself, which may not have even truly seemed necessary? I have to believe that G-d finally gave a gift to Cubs fans, perhaps with some intervention from departed legends Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, and generations of departed Cubs fans. 

In the 10th, the Cubs came out swinging the bats. Schwarber led it off with a single and was lifted for a pinch runner, who wisely tagged up and made it to second on a Bryant shot to the outfield. Eventual World Series MVP Ben Zobrist, a native of Illinois, drove in the go ahead run and Miguel Montero, a former starter, who was now less frequently used behind the plate, drove in an extra run for good measure.

The Cubs led by two and were three outs away. Rookie reliever Carl Edwards Jr. quickly got the first two outs and Cubs fans everywhere were beyond ready. Then, he ran into a bit of trouble. A runner got on base and then the Indians scored a run. After about 10 minutes of the Cubs being a pitch away from glory, the championship winning run for the Indians, was now at the plate. Mike Montgomery was called upon to earn what would be his first ever MLB save, and on a somewhat tough defensive play Kris Bryant scooped up a ground ball and fired it across the infield to Anthony Rizzo. At long last, the Cubs had done it. As the song might go, "Hey Chicago, what do say, the Cubs have won the World Series today."

Bedlam ensued in Cleveland, throughout Chicagoland, and everywhere Cubs fans might have been following the moment. I cannot help but think about the stories of people who could have been watching in packed bars or from comfortable couches at home in front of giant HD televisions, but instead would take a radio and a lawn chair to a cemetery so that they could share the moment with a parent or other loved one.

For me, the feeling was disbelief and I do not know if I have even still gotten over it. Friday saw an estimated 5 million fans, one of the largest gatherings in human history, show up to salute the Cubs at a parade through Chicago and a rally. Next week, when the Cubs formally return to Wrigley, a banner will be raised and rings will be given out. Maybe it will feel more real then, but I am still sort of just trying to absorb it all. An unprecedented Presidential election and what would soon be a surprise result to me has only added to the surreal aspect of the year.

I just feel very grateful to have suffered through a relatively young life as a die-hard Cubs fan, and a fan of other Chicago teams. All the ups and downs I have experienced as a fan paled in comparison to the emotions of the 2016 Chicago Cubs World Series Championship season. I am so thankful to everyone associated with the organization and feel a great sense of kinship with all of the other fans, of all ages, who have dreamt about this happening.

If the Cubs go 0-162 this year, I will still be happy that I saw them win it all in 2016. However, the team is pretty damn good and may just do it all again this year.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Worth Repeating

"When you are given immunity, that means you have probably committed a crime."

Michael Flynn
September 2016

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Crazy Times

Take Nixon in the deepest days of his Watergate paranoia, subtract 50 IQ points, add Twitter, and you have Trump today.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Super Bowl LI Result

From Houston, Texas


New England Patriots (16-2) vs. Atlanta Falcons (13-5) L

Super Bowl Result: 0-1 (0%)
Final Results: 122-141 (46%)

Falcons finish 13-6
Patriots win title at 17-2

I have never been less interested in a football season since I was a young child. Nonetheless, I was hoping for the Falcons to beat New England in the Super Bowl and for a while, I truly believed it had happened, but wow, what a comeback or a chokejob or whatever you want to call it. Congratulations to worthy champions, but what a devastating turn of events for Atlanta sports fans. As a former long-suffering Cubs fan (back when we had no choice but to be long-suffering), I just feel nothing but sympathy for them.

Since October, my interest in sports has waned a bit, since the ultimate thrill as a fan came true. Nothing will ever compare with extra innings of Game 7 of the World Series, even the first ever Overtime of a Super Bowl, especially since my main team was not involved.

Keep hope alive though Falcons fans, I have learned that if you are loyal enough to your team, anything is possible.

In the meantime, the Legend of Brady and Belichek and the Patriots continue. Go figure. The guy with the reputation for being unethical, and married to a foreign model, was completely counted and somehow won.

They can thank the coin toss though. Whichever team won that for Overtime was probably destined to score a touchdown and end a game. Not since Hillary Clinton won all sorts of coin tosses a year ago in Iowa was there such a valuable coin toss. (By the way, great to see President and Mrs. George H.W. Bush on the mend and part of the festivities in their town in Houston. They are great Americans and a throwback to when an Administration of honor and decency held office.)

Since Tom Brady is still playing at a high level, I will be quite pleased if the Patriots decide to trade their backup Quarterback, Arlington Heights, Illinois native Jimmy Garrappolo to the Chicago Bears, starting a new era in the Windy City (and replacing another Trump backing QB whom I defended for too long). After all, it's been a long time since the Bears have brought a championship back to Chicago.

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Nyet Trump

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Super Bowl LI

I was trying to do something to color the team names and messed up the format for the rest of this and I do not have time to figure out how to fix it....ignore the white backgrounds

From Houston, Texas

 NOT PREDICTION- since I think NE probably wins

Overall Results: 122-140

New England Patriots (16-2) vs. Atlanta Falcons (13-5)

Picking sides on this one is easy, for a variety of reasons, but I just might as well go all in and tie it politics. Had anti-anthem leftist idiot Colin Kaepernick been good enough to be in a Super Bowl again, I would be rooting against his team.

Instead, I will send a message and root against the team that Donald Trump is rooting for. I think most of American, regardless of what they think of Trump may be with me on this, but I actually want to root against Kraft, Belichek, and Brady because of their Trump devotions. Some Trumpists are rooting for them for that reason, so I want to line up against them, even if it puts me on the side of liberals in this circumstance. After all, it's only football.

Both owners of the Super Bowl participants happen to be Jewish, and I particularly like the fact that Atlanta owner Arthur Blank was willing to call out the Trump Bannon Administration for some of their actions, including the incomprehensible and deliberate decision to make a statement about the Holocaust that made no reference to Jews or anti-Semitism. The same people who demand that any sort of December Holiday greeting must contain the word "Christ", and take huge offense otherwise, really need to make sure that they understand that the Holocaust was something that happened primarily to and because of Jews, and reflect that in their statements.

So, I will be rooting for Red State Georgia over Blue New England for a variety of reasons, including wanting to see the moral disgrace and human embarrassment that is Donald J. Trump upset that his buddies fell short.

But hey, it's not all terrible. America is probably going to get somebody really good on the Supreme Court (at least this time), despite of what will be ridiculous hypocritical posturing by Democrats.

May the new conservative Justice, in the memory of Antonin Scalia, serve for many decades, and hopefully not be ashamed for eternity by the person who will have nominated him.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Statement of Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)

“Our government has a responsibility to defend our borders, but we must do so in a way that makes us safer and upholds all that is decent and exceptional about our nation.

“It is clear from the confusion at our airports across the nation that President Trump’s executive order was not properly vetted. We are particularly concerned by reports that this order went into effect with little to no consultation with the Departments of State, Defense, Justice, and Homeland Security.

“Such a hasty process risks harmful results. We should not stop green-card holders from returning to the country they call home. We should not stop those who have served as interpreters for our military and diplomats from seeking refuge in the country they risked their lives to help. And we should not turn our backs on those refugees who have been shown through extensive vetting to pose no demonstrable threat to our nation, and who have suffered unspeakable horrors, most of them women and children.

“Ultimately, we fear this executive order will become a self-inflicted wound in the fight against terrorism. At this very moment, American troops are fighting side-by-side with our Iraqi partners to defeat ISIL. But this executive order bans Iraqi pilots from coming to military bases in Arizona to fight our common enemies. Our most important allies in the fight against ISIL are the vast majority of Muslims who reject its apocalyptic ideology of hatred. This executive order sends a signal, intended or not, that America does not want Muslims coming into our country. That is why we fear this executive order may do more to help terrorist recruitment than improve our security.”

Monday, January 23, 2017

NFL Conference Championship Results


1. Packers (12-6) at Falcons (12-5) W 1

2. Steelers (13-5) at Patriots (15-2) L 1

Conference Championship Results: 1-1 (50%)
Overall Results: 123-141 (47%)

Packers finish 12-7
I hope it ruined Reince Priebus's day

Steelers finish 13-6
I hope it ruined Rush Limbaugh's day

At least I will have a time to root for in the Super Bowl...

Friday, January 20, 2017

Words to Remember

"America has never been united by blood or birth or soil. We are bound by ideals that move us beyond our backgrounds, lift us above our interests, and teach us what it means to be citizens. Every child must be taught these principles. Every citizen must uphold them. And every immigrant, by embracing these ideals, makes our country more, not less, American.

Today we affirm a new commitment to live out our Nation's promise through civility, courage, compassion, and character. America at its best matches a commitment to principle with a concern for civility. A civil society demands from each of us good will and respect, fair dealing and forgiveness.
Some seem to believe that our politics can afford to be petty because in a time of peace the stakes of our debates appear small. But the stakes for America are never small. If our country does not lead the cause of freedom, it will not be led.

 If we do not turn the hearts of children toward knowledge and character, we will lose their gifts and undermine their idealism. If we permit our economy to drift and decline, the vulnerable will suffer most.
We must live up to the calling we share. Civility is not a tactic or a sentiment; it is the determined choice of trust over cynicism, of community over chaos. And this commitment, if we keep it, is a way to shared accomplishment.
America at its best is also courageous. Our national courage has been clear in times of depression and war, when defeating common dangers defined our common good. Now we must choose if the example of our fathers and mothers will inspire us or condemn us. We must show courage in a time of blessing by confronting problems instead of passing them on to future generations."

President George W. Bush
January 20, 2001

Thursday, January 19, 2017

NFL Conference Championships


 Overall Results: 122-140 (47%)

To me, a Super Bowl matchup of the Patriots vs. the Packers would be the football equivalent of Clinton vs. Trump. I would like to avoid two weeks of that matchup, but I have a feeling there will be no such luck.

1. Packers (12-6) at Falcons (12-5)

2. Steelers (13-5) at Patriots (15-2)

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

NFL Division Playoff Results


1. Seahawks (11-5-1) at Falcons (11-5) W 1
2. Texans (10-7) at Patriots (14-2) L 1
3. Packers (11-6) at Cowboys (13-3) L 2
4. Steelers (12-5) at Chiefs (12-4) L 3

Divisional Playoff Results: 1-3 (25%)
Overall Results: 122-140 (47%)

Texans finish 10-8
Seahawks finish 11-6-1
Chiefs finish 12-5
Cowboys finish 13-4

Friday, January 13, 2017

NFL Divisional Playoffs


Overall Results: 121-137 (47%)

1. Seahawks (11-5-1) at Falcons (11-5)
2. Texans (10-7) at Patriots (14-2)
3. Packers (11-6) at Cowboys (13-3)
4. Steelers (12-5) at Chiefs (12-4)

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2016-2017 Bowl Game Results

The college football Bowl season is over and this is a recap of the games and if the teams I nominally wanted to win their games, did so or not.

I am quite pleased that Clemson won the National Championship, avenging their loss last season. It was an extremely exciting game, especially the final few minutes. For some reason, I feel an affinity for Clemson, so I am happy for them and their coach Dabo Swinney. He has said that he took inspiration this season from the World Champion Chicago Cubs, and had visited with manager Joe Maddon during this past baseball season at Wrigley Field.

The rankings, from before the games began, are from the AP.

1. Celebration Bowl W 1
Atlanta, GA

North Carolina Central Eagles vs. Grambling State Tigers

2. New Mexico Bowl  W 2
Albuquerque, NM

New Mexico Lobos vs. Texas at San Antonio Roadrunners

3. Las Vegas Bowl L 1

Las Vegas, NV

Houston Cougars vs. San Diego State Aztecs

4. Camellia Bowl  L 2
Montgomery, AL

Appalachian State Mountaineers vs. Toledo Rockets

5. Cure Bowl L 3
Orlando, FL

Central Florida Knights vs. Arkansas State Red Wolves

6. New Orleans Bowl W 3
New Orleans, LA

Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles vs. Louisiana at Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns

7. Beach Bowl L 4
Miami, FL

Central Michigan Chippewas vs. Tulsa Golden Hurricane

8. Boca Raton Bowl W 4
Boca Raton, FL

Memphis Tigers vs. Western Kentucky Hilltoppers

9. Poinsettia Bowl W 5
San Diego, CA

Brigham Young Cougars vs .Wyoming Cowboys

10. Potato Bowl W 6
Boise, ID

Idaho Vandals vs. Colorado State Rams

11. Bahamas Bowl L 5
Nassau, The Bahamas

Eastern Michigan Eagles vs. Old Dominion Monarchs

12. Armed Forces Bowl L 6
Fort Worth, TX

Louisiana Tech Bulldogs vs United States Naval Academy Midshipmen

13. Dollar General Bowl L 7
Mobile, AL

Ohio Bobcats vs. Troy Trojans

14. Hawai'i Bowl L 8
Halawa, HI

 Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Rainbow Warriors vs. Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders

15. St. Petersburg Bowl W 7
St. Petersburg, FL

Miami RedHawks vs. Mississippi State University of Agriculture and Applied Science Bulldogs

16. Quick Lane Bowl L 9
Detroit, MI

Maryland, College Park Terrapins vs. Boston College Eagles

17. Independence Bowl L 10
Shreveport, LA

North Carolina State Wolfpack vs. Vanderbilt Commodores

18. Heart of Dallas Bowl W 8
Dallas, TX

United States Military Academy at West Point Black Knights vs. North Texas Mean Green

19. Military Bowl W 9
Annapolis, MD

# 23 Temple Owls vs. Wake Forest Demon Deacons

20. Holiday Bowl L 11
San Diego, CA

Minnesota Twin Cities Golden Gophers vs. Washington State Cougars

21. Cactus Bowl L 12
Phoenix, AZ

Boise State Broncos vs. Baylor Bears

22.  Pinstripe Bowl W 10
Bronx, NY

# 22 Pittsburgh Panthers vs. Northwestern Wildcats

23. Athletic Bowl L 13
Orlando, FL

# 14 West Virginia Mountaineers vs. Miami Hurricanes

24. Foster Farms Bowl W 11
Santa Clara, CA

Indiana Bloomington Hoosiers vs. Utah Utes

25. Texas Bowl W 12
Houston, TX

Texas A&M Aggies vs. Kansas State Wildcats

26. Birmingham Bowl L 14
Birmingham, AL

# 25 South Florida Bulls vs. South Carolina Gamecocks

27. Belk Bowl W 13
Charlotte, NC

Arkansas Razorbacks vs. # 18 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State Hokies

28. Alamo Bowl W 14
San Antonio, TX

# 13 Oklahoma State Cowboys vs. # 11 Colorado Boulder Buffaloes

29. Liberty Bowl L 15
Memphis, TN

Georgia Bulldogs vs. Texas Christian Horned Frogs

30. Sun Bowl W 15
El Paso, TX

# 16 Leland Stanford Junior Cardinal vs. North Carolina at Chapel Hill Tar Heels

31. Music City Bowl W 16
Nashville, TN

# 24 Nebraska-Lincoln Cornhuskers vs. Tennessee, Knoxville Volunteers

32. Arizona Bowl W 17
Tuscon, AZ

South Alabama Jaguars vs. United States Air Force Academy Falcons

33. Orange Bowl W 18
Miami Gardens, FL

# 6 Michigan Wolverines vs. # 10 Florida State Seminoles

34. Citrus Bowl W 19
Orlando, FL

# 19 Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College Tigers vs. #15 Louisville Cardinals

35. TaxSlayer Bowl W 20
Jacksonville, FL

Georgia Institute of Technology Yellow Jackets vs. Kentucky Wildcats

36. Peach Bowl L 16
Atlanta, GA

# 4 Washington Huskies vs. # 1 Alabama Crimson Tide

37. Fiesta Bowl W 21
Glendale, AZ

# 2 Ohio State Buckeyes vs. # 3 Clemson Tigers

38. Outback Bowl L 17
Tampa, FL

# 20 Florida Gators vs. #21 Iowa Hawkeyes

39. Cotton Bowl L 18
Arlington, TX

# 12 Western Michigan Broncos vs. # 8 Wisconsin-Madison Badgers

40. Rose Bowl L 19
Pasadena, CA

# 9 Southern California Trojans vs. # 5 Pennsylvania State Nittany Lions

41. Sugar Bowl L 20
New Orleans, LA

# 17 Auburn Tigers vs. # 7 Oklahoma Sooners

42. National Championship W 22
Tampa, FL

# 3 Clemson Tigers vs. # 1 Alabama Crimson Tide

Results: 22-20 (52%)

Sunday, January 08, 2017

NFL Wildcard Weekend Results


1. Raiders (12-4) at Texans (9-7) W 1
2. Lions (9-7) at Seahawks (10-5-1) W 2
3. Dolphins (10-6) at Steelers (11-5) W 3
4. Giants (11-5) at Packers (10-6) L 1

Wildcard Weekend Results: 3-1 (75%)
Overall Results: 121-137 (47%)

Lions finish 9-8
Dolphins finish 10-7
Giants finish 11-6
Raiders finish 12-5

Friday, January 06, 2017

NFL Wildcard Weekend


Final Regular Season Results: 118-136 (46%)

For the most part though, these are predictions for this weekend. The games do not seem too exciting, and these are the teams I would generally support over the others. However, I almost want to see the underdogs win for Miami, Detroit, and Oakland, who received such a bad break in regards to their QB situation. I will always root against Green Bay though.

1. Raiders (12-4) at Texans (9-7)
2. Lions (9-7) at Seahawks (10-5-1)
3. Dolphins (10-6) at Steelers (11-5)
4. Giants (11-5) at Packers (10-6)

Monday, January 02, 2017

NFL Week 17 Results


1. Ravens (8-7) at Bengals (5-9-1) W 1
2. Panthers (6-9) at Buccaneers (8-7) L 1
3. Texans (9-6) at Titans (8-7) W 2
4. Jaguars (3-12) at Colts (7-8) W 3
5. Patriots (13-2) at Dolphins (10-5) L 2
6. Bears (3-12) at Vikings (7-8) L 3
7. Bills (7-8) at Jets (4-11) L 4
8. Cowboys (13-2) at Eagles (6-9) L 5
9. Browns (1-14) at Steelers (10-5) W 4
10. Saints (7-8) at Falcons (10-5) L 6
11. Giants (10-5) at Redskins (8-6-1) L 7
12. Raiders (12-3) at Broncos (8-7) W 5
13. Cardinals (6-8-1) at Rams (4-11) W 6
14. Chiefs (11-4) at Chargers (5-10) W 7
15. Seahawks (9-5-1) at 49ers (2-13) W 8
16. Packers (9-6) at Lions (9-6) L 8

Week 17 Results: 8-8 (50%)
Final Regular Season Results: 118-136 (46%)


Browns finish 1-15
49ers finish 2-14
Jaguars finish 3-13
Bears finish 3-13 (who cares, the Cubs won the World Series!)
Rams finish 4-12
Chargers finish 5-11
Jets finish 5-11
Panthers finish 6-10
Bengals finish 6-9-1
Eagles finish 7-9
Saints finish 7-9
Bills finish 7-9
Cardinals finish 7-8-1
Colts finish 8-8
Vikings finish 8-8
Ravens finish 8-8
Redskins finish 8-7-1
Broncos finish 9-7
Buccaneers finish 9-7
Titans finish 9-7

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

NFL Week 17 Games

Overall Results: 110-128 (46%)


1. Ravens (8-7) at Bengals (5-9-1)
2. Panthers (6-9) at Buccaneers (8-7)
3. Texans (9-6) at Titans (8-7)
4. Jaguars (3-12) at Colts (7-8)
5. Patriots (13-2) at Dolphins (10-5)
6. Bears (3-12) at Vikings (7-8)
7. Bills (7-8) at Jets (4-11)
8. Cowboys (13-2) at Eagles (6-9)
9. Browns (1-14) at Steelers (10-5)
10. Saints (7-8) at Falcons (10-5)
11. Giants (10-5) at Redskins (8-6-1)
12. Raiders (12-3) at Broncos (8-7)
13. Cardinals (6-8-1) at Rams (4-11)
14. Chiefs (11-4) at Chargers (5-10)
15. Seahawks (9-5-1) at 49ers (2-13)
16. Packers (9-6) at Lions (9-6)

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

NFL Week 16 Results


1. Giants (10-4) at Eagles (5-9) L 1
2. Dolphins (9-5) at Bills (7-7) L 2
3. Falcons (9-5) at Panthers (6-8) L 3
4. Redskins (7-6-1) at Bears (3-11) L 4
5. Chargers (5-9) at Browns (0-14) L 5
6. Vikings (7-7) at Packers (8-6) L 6
7. Titans (8-6) at Jaguars (2-12) L 7
8. Jets (4-10) at Patriots (12-2) L 8
9. Colts (7-7) at Raiders (11-3) L 9
10. Buccaneers (8-6) at Saints (6-8) W 1
11. 49ers (1-13) at Rams (4-10) L 10
12. Cardinals (5-8-1) at Seahawks (9-4-1) W 2
13. Bengals (5-8-1) at Texans (8-6) L 11
14. Ravens (8-6) at Steelers (9-5) W 3
15. Broncos (8-6) at Chiefs (10-4) W 4
16. Lions (9-5) at Cowboys (12-2) W 5

Week 16 Results: 5-11 (31%)
Overall Results: 110-128 (46%)

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

NFL Week 16 Games

Overall Results: 105-117 (47%)


1. Giants (10-4) at Eagles (5-9)
2. Dolphins (9-5) at Bills (7-7)
3. Falcons (9-5) at Panthers (6-8)
4. Redskins (7-6-1) at Bears (3-11)
5. Chargers (5-9) at Browns (0-14)
6. Vikings (7-7) at Packers (8-6)
7. Titans (8-6) at Jaguars (2-12)
8. Jets (4-10) at Patriots (12-2)
9. Colts (7-7) at Raiders (11-3)
10. Buccaneers (8-6) at Saints (6-8)
11. 49ers (1-13) at Rams (4-10)
12. Cardinals (5-8-1) at Seahawks (9-4-1)
13. Bengals (5-8-1) at Texans (8-6)
14. Ravens (8-6) at Steelers (9-5)
15. Broncos (8-6) at Chiefs (10-4)
16. Lions (9-5) at Cowboys (12-2)

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

NFL Week 15 Results


1. Rams (4-9) at Seahawks (8-4-1) W 1
2. Dolphins (8-5) at Jets (4-9) W 2
3. Eagles (5-8) at Ravens (7-6) W 3
4. Browns (0-13) at Bills (6-7) W 4
5. Packers (7-6) at Bears (3-10) L 1
6. Jaguars (2-11) at Texans (7-6) W 5
7. Titans (7-6) at Chiefs (10-3) L 2
8. Colts (6-7) at Vikings (7-6) W 6
9. Lions (9-4) at Giants (9-4) W 7
10. Steelers (8-5) at Bengals (5-7-1) L 3
11. Saints (6-8) at Cardinals (5-7-1) W 8
12. 49ers (1-12) at Falcons (8-5) W 9
13. Patriots (11-2) at Broncos (8-5) L 4
14. Raiders (10-3) at Chargers (5-8) L 5
15. Buccaneers (8-5) at Cowboys (11-2) L 6
16. Panthers (5-8) at Redskins (7-5-1) W 10

Week 15 Results: 10-6 (63%)
Overall Results: 105-117 (47%)