Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Presidential Power Rankings # 26

June 27, 2007


1. Hillary Clinton (1)
2. Barack Obama (2)
3. John Edwards (3)
4. Al Gore (4)
5. Bill Richardson (5)
6. Joe Biden (6)
7. Chris Dodd (7)
8. Dennis Kucinich (8)
9. Mike Gravel (9)
10. Wesley Clark (10)

No changes again this week, but having Wes Clark at # 10 week after week is starting to look a little silly. I prefer to have it at ten though for the rest of the year.

1. Mitt Romney (1)
2. Fred Thompson (2)
3. Rudy Giuliani (3)
4. John McCain (4)
5. Mike Huckabee (5)
6. Newt Gingrich (6)
7. Sam Brownback (8)
8. Tommy Thompson (7)
9. Duncan Hunter (9)
10. Tom Tancredo (10)

Another week, and Fred Thompson still has the buzz, Mitt Romney still leads in both Iowa and New Hampshire, Rudy Giuliani is still first or second in every national poll, and John McCain is still trying to lower expectations for the amount of money that his campaign will have raised for the quarter.

There was one poll out of Iowa that had Sam Brownback tied with McCain (and Huckabee was right there in that pack too), so based on that, I think it makes sense to move Brownback up one spot over Tommy Thompson.

For those who may be wondering, Ron Paul, Jim Gilmore, Jon Cox, and the rest are not listed, because I just want to keep the list at ten, and they do not really qualify at this point.