Friday, February 01, 2008

Super Bowl XLII

The Super Bowl is going on this weekend?

It was really hard to remember that amid all the political goings on (more on that in the next posting) as well as dealing with blizzards, etc.

Anyways, this Super Bowl hype was a lot more exciting last year at this time, even though the result was unfortunate.

I am pretty sure New England will win the game, but I think I will root for the underdogs anyway. I just hope it is a competitive one. I certainly would not feel horrible to see a New York team go down to defeat though either. I just do not really have a team to root for. Hopefully I will not feel that way about McCain vs. Hillary!

As I mentioned on the last NFL post, if the Patriots have a perfect season, at least the Romneys will be happy.

Overall (non-prediction) Results: 118-148 (44%)

1. Giants (13-6) vs. Patriots (18-0)


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