Sunday, November 08, 2020

Some Thoughts

More formal analysis and a wrap-up of all my predictions will be forthcoming.. in January.

For now, I feel satisfied, even if not politically at the level I was 16 years ago.

Donald Trump is fired. It could not happen to a nicer guy.

As fun as it is to relish in that fact, we all should remember that this is about America, first. We all have to come together and try to build a more Perfect Union, no matter whom we voted for in this election, past ones, or will in future ones.

As a conservative, I expect to have many differences with the upcoming Administration, but for now, I can take solace in the reality that the better man won and in 2020, character mattered. May that always be the case moving forward.

While my negativity towards the Republican Party enabling Trump for the past four plus years is justified, I also realize that it is important to have checks and balances on the left. This election showed that there might be a lot of people who feel the same. The down-ballot results should serve as a tremendous warning to the left flank of the Democrats to act and govern accordingly.

The Grand Old Party has many choices to make about what it wants to be. I do not know how that will turn out in the short or long-term, but all I can do is hope for the best, as we all steadfastly stand by our great democracy.

In the words of our President-Elect, "Keep the Faith."


At 4:54 AM, Anonymous Zreebs said...

You say that character mattered in this election. And I am sure it mattered to you. But I think the character of Trump helped him more in this election than it hurt him. I think Trump’s mind-boggling incompetence and almost indifference regarding COVID-19 is what cost him the election. Otherwise, he would have won easily.

Republicans (and you) like to criticize the Democratic Party as being Socialists. But the party of Obama was nowhere near as big spenders as the party of Trump. And this was very true even well before COVID-19 hit. The Republican Party has been the borrow and spend party for a long time. I recall saying it when Ronald Reagan was President. The data proves my point. I encourage you to look up data on how government spending and the deficit has changed over the past four decades.

We don’t know what the GOP will be like in the years ahead. But I think we can look at trends to give us a clue. You correctly look at trends to project what the Democratic Party may become in the future. Shouldn’t you be doing the same with the GOP? In my opinion, your biggest blind spot is truthfully answering the question why did Trump win the GOP nomination in 2016 and why was there no serious challenge to him in 2020. I haven’t had the opportunity to read your posts in recent months, but it is my impression that you really have never adequately attempted to fully answer those questions. Aren’t those important questions?

My best guess is that another Trump-like figure will emerge as the GOP nominee in 2024. At a minimum, he will especially appeal to white blue collar rural voters, He will “talk tough” and criticize socialism and the deficit and advocate tax cuts. He will tough on immigration. Unlike Republican nominees prior to Trump, he will deliberately distort facts. It has been interesting watching the prospective 2024 GOP candidates. Most, if not all of them have become more Trump-like during the past four years.


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