Sunday, November 30, 2014

Election 2014: Almost A Wrap

As November concludes, I wish I had the focus to write extensively about the midterm elections and just how good it was for the Grand Old Party,  and by association, the United States of America.

By this time next week, runoffs will be held in Louisiana and in a few minutes, I will offer an updated prediction on the Senate race. That will formally conclude the voting this year, although a recount in an Arizona Congressional district is expected to be decided this week and the somewhat unique circumstances of the Vermont Gubernatorial election is not likely to produce a surprise outcome. That is a race where I and just about everybody else called "Safe Democrat", but the incumbent struggled mightily and barely was able to eke out a plurality victory over his Republican opponent. Under the state's laws, the state legislature will formally elect the Governor in January, since nobody captured a majority, but it is not quite like the Electoral College, as they are free to vote their conscience. The GOP candidate has said he wants legislators to vote for him, but that is unlikely to make him Governor, as the legislative body in Montpelier is controlled by Democrats, and there is also a tradition of them voting to ratify who did finish first on Election Day.

So, once Louisiana votes and once that final Congressional recount situation is resolved, I will have a post detailing how I did with all my predictions. Needless to say, they were pretty good, especially in the federal races.

Of course, even if I had botched more picks, I would be extremely happy about what this year produced electorally. While Republicans did not win every big race, they won nearly every big race. It was a wave election across the board. GOP dominance in the House will be greater than anytime since the 1920s, and the utter devastation of Democrat margins in former House and Senate majorities since Barack Obama became President is staggering. That should be considered a major subtext headed into 2016, as he will of course not be on the ballot.

What else can be said? Jimmy Carter's grandson lost a statewide race while George H.W. Bush's grandson was victorious. Mitt Romney's state once again has a Republican Governor, as does Barack Obama's. Of course, the Land of Lincoln is also my state, and it is hard for me to express how surprised, yet happy to be wrong I am about my "Leans D" general election prediction there. I do not know what will happen politically here in Illinois over the next four years, but the people definitely made the right decision. The fact that Republicans did as well in the Gubernatorial elections as they did was definitely a bonus for the GOP this year.

The new year of 2015 will usher in another term for Speaker John Boehner and newly attained and well deserved power for Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Of course, a Democrat is still in the White House, and apparently he has not learned the lesson of this midterm and will pay no mind to it. That means there will be a lot of conflict in Washington over the next two years, and signifies just how important it will be for Republicans to eventually nominate a candidate capable of winning the 2016 election and restoring this country to it's full greatness.

First though, this Saturday is likely to produce some additional headaches for Democrats.


U.S. Senate- Likely R- (change from Leans R/Leans Cassidy)


At 2:37 PM, Blogger Steve Boudreaux said...

Corey, my prediction of Saturday's runoff election for United States Senator in LA:

Cassidy (R)-58%
Landrieu (D-inc)-42%

Her record in statewide elections will fall to 5-2.


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