Saturday, March 23, 2019

Race for the White House 2020 # 12

All of the developments on the campaign trial this past week on behalf of the Democrat field sort of falls into background noise after the late Friday afternoon news cycle had the Mueller Report dropping. March Madness indeed.

Now, we wait to see what exactly is in it and how Robert Mueller and his team reached their conclusions. We have heard though that apparently there will be no new indictments, so for that, the fans and apologists for Donald Trump and his crew are claiming victory. I certainly could have been convinced in the past that Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner were in some serious legal trouble, but that appears to not be the case, at least as it goes for this particular investigation.

The bottom line to all this for me, besides the fact that the American people deserve to know every (unclassified) detail of the report is that I trust Mueller did his job thoroughly and with integrity. I have always said that I will have faith in his findings. The people who deserved to be indicted and convicted have and I have to trust that those who are not to be indicted have had justice done as well. Perhaps many people owe Mr. Mueller an apology for the fake and false narrative of a "witch-hunt." I have also said early on that I hope that Donald Trump, a figure I revile, is "cleared" on the grounds of collusion with Russia if that is where the facts and evidence are. I never will be a fan of his and of course so much of what relates to him and Russia does not pass the smell test, but there should be strict legal standards. It is better for the country as a whole if he is not proven to have stolen the election with Russia's help. It certainly will  be incumbent on him and his Administration to take whatever the report says seriously and use it to prevent Russia and any other foreign government from trying to illegally interfere in our elections moving forward. That is the most important part of all of this.

Whatever the report is proven to say, it does not mean that Congress cannot impeach Trump, although they clearly will not without clear public support, nor does it mean that Trump might not still be under investigation in the Southern District of New York. No sitting President has ever been indicted and those who had fantasies about Trump being frog marched out of the White House were perhaps in fantasyland. A day will eventually come when Mr. Trump is no longer President, and on that day, he may face a very different legal standard. For now, perhaps he will join the ranks of Hillary Clinton in which it will be said that they acted inappropriately but were "too big to jail."

Obviously, there is an election coming up. A mirror to the nation as to who we are what we want to be. If the people feel that Trump was unfairly maligned, as many of his supporters do, they will vote that way. Even more people though believe that Trump is a corrupt individual and they will vote that way as well. I know that is how I will vote. Even if there is no proof that his incompetent bumbling campaign specifically did anything illegal in the campaign, when it comes to Trump, it is the man's heart and soul which is corrupt. America should demand better. Time will tell if America still cares though about the character of our leaders or the character of the nation itself.

Democrats should be very concerned though that they are on a path that might make it hard to defeat the man they so despise. Of course, apologists for Trump should also acknowledge they are perhaps on a path for a decisive defeat. This will all be up to America. I hope for a better choice to vote for than what is being offered thus far.


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