Saturday, January 26, 2019

Race for the White House 2020 #4

Around and around, the news cycle turns, with developments on the emerging Presidential candidate field, the government shutdown, and perhaps most crazily, a viral video from last weekend.

Catholic High School kids from Kentucky went to Washington D.C. to participate in the annual March for Life. (Kudos to them for that.) Some had MAGA hats later on during the trip (kids can be dumb, but free speech and all) and with video cameras rolling we had a bit of a national Rorsach test. The media, but especially left-wingers on Twitter, were given a false impression on what happened and we were told that a baby-faced kid smiling was akin to an act of "racial violence." This is what the left's hatred for anything related to Trump brings up, (not that Trump is not horrific). When the fuller story emerged, many in the media and online offered some degree of retraction and apology. Good for them I guess, it's not something that the Trumpist crowd seems to ever do. As the week went on though, and it was clear how the kids had been mistreated, those who love Trump are wanting to use them as human political shields to distract from the very bad month the current President tends to have.

Roger Stone was arrested yesterday and upon bailing out of jail, gave the Nixonian Salute, of course. The force used to take him into custody was perhaps excessive, but I think Stone, a man who prides himself on his fetishes and need for media attention, would not have wanted it any other way.Those who love Trump say the indictment is nothing. Those who studied the actual indictment see the picture of the Trump campaign attempting to collude with Russia to be all the clearer. I do not think yesterday was a good day for Mr. Stone or Mr. Trump. 

In a shock to many... ok, maybe three people, former West Virginia State Senator Robert Ojeda became the first Democrat Presidential hopeful to drop out. I guess there was just not that much room in the field for a candidate who admitted to voting for Donald Trump in 2016.

At the moment, by my count, there are eight active Democrat campaigns occurring. Only one of these candidates, John Delaney, is a straight white male. Some others of this group may jump into the field (there are rumors that Bernie Sanders is a go), but for now, he's the only one, joining the diversity (and in some cases anonymity) or Andrew Yang, Pete Buttigieg, Julian Castro, Tulsi Gabbard, Kirsten Gillibrand, Elizabeth Warren, and Kamala Harris. The entrance of Harris, California's junior Senator, is perhaps the most significant candidate news of the week. She did not even attempt to go about the smokescreen of an "exploratory committee." So, currently, there are four female Democrat members of Congress seeking the White House, with Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar expected to jump in as well . Four male Senators have certainly run for President at the same time before, but considering that there are just 25 female Senators, there are some pretty good odds these candidates are going to be running into each other in the Senate Ladies Room, when they are on Capitol Hill.

In other news, the shutdown is over, at least for 3 weeks. Donald Trump promised his fans a "Wall", instead they got a Cave, as Trump capitulated completely to Nancy Pelosi. Ann Coulter and many others are besides themselves. Some continue to ridiculously try to spin this to Trump's favor, but the bottom line is that the polls were completely against Trump, whom after all started off this whole mess by declaring he would be proud to take the blame for the shutdown. Pelosi won the standoff over the State of the Union postponement, and with airports starting to feel massive pressure due to the shutdown, Trump was put into a box.

For some who have liked him, he may never appear the same again. A "broken man?" Time will tell, but I agree completely with those who have come to the conclusion that Nancy Pelosi brought him to his figurative knees... like a dog. There will be other kerfuffles and fights, but it is now clear that with enough pressure, Donald J. Trump, the man who declared several bankruptcies can be made to fold.

Republicans take note. If you want the best chance of keeping the White House in 2020 and keeping the far left Democrats from having total control, Trump must be dumped. He can be made to quit.


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