Monday, October 02, 2006

NFL Week 4 Recap

1. Cowboys (1-1) at Titans (0-3)- L
2. Dolphins (1-2) at Texans (0-3)- L
3. Cardinals (1-2) at Falcons (2-1)- L
4. Colts (3-0) at Jets (2-1)- W
5. Vikings (2-1) at Bills (1-2)- W
6. Chargers (2-0) at Ravens (3-0)- L
7. 49'ers (1-2) at Chiefs (0-2)- W
8. Saints (3-0) at Panthers (1-2)- W
9. Lions (0-3) at Rams (2-1)- W
10. Jaguars (2-1) at Redskins (1-2)- L
11. Browns (0-3) at Raiders (0-2)- W
12. Patriots (2-1) at Bengals (3-0)- L
13. Seahawks (3-0) at Bears (3-0)- W
14. Packers (1-2) at Eagles (2-1)- W

Week 4 score: 8-6 (57%)
Overall score 34- 26 (57%)

57 % sounds like a theme for Heinz Field.

For those who care about the Race of the Day and the crucial Tennessee Senate race, I have been very preoccupied with all sorts of stuff for the past several days, but I very much hope to be able to post on that race before the night is over on Monday and then get into a daily habit of finishing all the races so I can start on the House predictions.


At 6:12 PM, Anonymous Gary said...

Corey, I hadn't been here in more than a month but I'm sampling the old summaries and left comments on the Nevada senate and gov races.

I didn't realize you would be doing NFL picks. We may disagree on politics but I do root for the Bears, although the Dolphins are my hometown and favorite team. Since they are pathetic this year I'll detour more to the Bears, even though you guys have a damn Gator at quarterback. Love the D-line and the aggressive play in general.

Tell Devon Hester to hold onto the ball. He's a Cane and one of the most dangerous kick returners ever but last year at Miami and on Sunday night he's developed a persistent habit of briefly flubbing the ball on punt returns. Normally he recovers it but last year against FSU it got away from him and led to a crucial FSU score, in what turned out to be a 10-7 final in FSU's favor.

At 10:05 PM, Anonymous Corey said...

Welcome back Gary.

Things are definitely very exciting here with the Bears and the entire Chicagoland area is really pumped up about it.

Hester is a bit of a concern, in a team that looks to have very few weaknesses, but he sure can be explosive on any return.


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