Friday, January 08, 2021

NFL Wildcard Weekend

More teams are in the NFL playoffs than ever before and the Chicago Bears are among them. I am happy about that, I think. Realistically, I expect to be feeling lousy on Sunday watching them get beaten badly. One never knows though, so that is just the risk of all of this. As long as they are in the Playoffs, I have to root "against" the teams with the best records in each Conference, in order to want them to be eliminated. This means that for tomorrow, I have to root for the Buffalo Bills to lose even though I have always felt sorry for their fans (and liked the Jack Kemp connection) that I actually want them to win the Super Bowl.. that is if the Bears cannot.
Final Regular Season Results: 137-118 (54%)


1. Colts (11-5) at Bills (13-3)
2. Rams (10-6) at Seahawks (12-4)
3. Buccaneers (11-5) at Washington (7-9)

4. Ravens (11-5) at Titans (11-5)
5. Bears (8-8) at Saints (12-4)
6. Browns (11-5) at Steelers (12-4)


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