Thursday, December 31, 2020

NFL Week 17

As always these are NOT PREDICTIONS, but a list of which teams I want to win. Compared to past seasons, I have done pretty well in that regard this season. However, as now long-suffering Chicago Bears fan, much is on the line this Sunday.

If the Bears beat the Green Bay Packers in Chicago, they are headed to the playoffs.. where they would quickly have to once again face the Packers, this time at Lambeau Field. Let us take things one step at a time though. It is also true that if the Rams beat the Cardinals, the Bears will get in the Playoffs as well, even without a win. However, that looks to be very iffy as the Rams are facing major injury hurdles. By the same token, if the Cardinals beat the Rams and the Bears do win, then the Bears are somehow the number Six seed as opposed to the Seven or Eight.

So, hope for the path of least resistance or go big? Well, I think we might as well begin 2021 aiming for the top, since we are not exactly going to win the Super Bowl anyway.

Overall Results: 129-110 (54%)
1. Falcons (4-11) at Buccaneers (10-5)
2. Cowboys (6-9) at Giants (5-10)
3. Jets (2-13) at Patriots (6-9)
4. Vikings (6-9) at Lions (5-10)
5. Steelers (12-3) at Browns (10-5)
6. Ravens (10-5) at Bengals (4-10-1)
7. Dolphins (10-5) at Bills (12-3)
8. Seahawks (11-4) at 49ers (6-9) in Glendale, AZ
9. Cardinals (8-7) at Rams (9-6)
10. Jaguars (1-14) at Colts (10-5)
11. Titans (10-5) at Texans (4-11)
12. Raiders (7-8) at Broncos (5-10)
13. Chargers (6-9) at Chiefs (14-1)
14. Packers (12-3) at Bears (8-7)
15. Saints (11-4) at Panthers (5-10)
16. Washington (6-9) at Eagles (4-10-1)


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