Sunday, February 09, 2020

Super Bowl LIV Result

It was an exciting game with a great finish. I am very happy for the long-suffering fans of the Chiefs. I also can now claim to share a hometown with a Super Bowl losing Quarterback. (I even won some money on a Super Bowl pool while they were still losing the game and I almost never won those things.) Hopefully, the Bears can be back in a Super Bowl before too long..

I have no interest in watching the XFL.

From: Miami Gardens, FL

San Francisco 49ers (15-3) vs. Kansas City Chiefs (14-4) W 1

Super Bowl Result: 1-0 (100%)

Overall Record: 116-150 (44%)
(The Playoffs went a lot better than the regular season)

49ers finish 15-4. 

Kansas City Chiefs win NFL Super Bowl championship at 15-4


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