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American Idol Season 14 Top 3

I barely have time to watch American Idol this week, let alone write about it, so I am going to try to do this with the absolute minimum. As I have been saying for the past couple of weeks, it's a very exciting (and busy) time to be an invested Chicago sports fan.

There is already a comment waiting to be published on here by my one commenter, that I cannot even open yet, because it would spoil the results of what happened and I have yet to watch the DVR recording. Sorry, Steve/CD/PJK.

Who should be eliminated: Rayvon Owen
Who I predicted would be eliminated: Rayvon Owen

It feels too early for the "Hometown Visits." This year, all four got to do that. Next week is the two-night Finale. That might be tricky for me to watch, but maybe I will be able to blog a bit next Sunday. Is the Finale going to be for three people this year? I am confused.

Round 1- Scott Borchetta's picks

1. Rayvon Owen- "Want To Want Me"

Jason Derulo sang this better on the Idol stage a couple weeks ago. Rayvon's falsetto was sort of grating at points during this performance. He is better off sticking to ballads. Idol wants him gone I am sure. I wish Tyanna was still on the show.

2. Clark Beckham- "Beautiful Day"

This was one Lee DeWyze's "winner single." I think Clark has easily surpassed an Idol record of having performed the most songs that past Idol winners once did during the competition. Clark sang this better than Lee did in the moment and fairly well, but it was not really his vibe.

3. Nick Fradiani- "Because The Night"

I am very enthused about this song choice, although I far prefer the Patty Smyth or even the Natalie Merchant version to Bruce Springsteen. I think Nick was trying to sound like the so-called "Boss", but sounded more like Neil Diamond in parts. In spite of all that, I thought this was pretty good indeed and that Nick, who I once thought was way out of his depth in this competition has really come on strong the last couple of weeks.

4. JAX- "My Generation"

The last remaining female of the season took to the stage draped in a Union Jack flag as she began to sing this Who song from 1965, perhaps as an homage to tomorrow's U.K. elections. The flag was quickly dropped to the floor though. She gave a strong performance but it had some spotty vocal moments. Idol is definitely pushing her to be young and "edgy", and I am certain they would like to see her win, as there has never been a winner like her, but this maybe came across as a bit too contrived.

Round 1 Rankings:

4. Rayvon Owen
3. JAX
2. Clark Beckham
1. Nick Fradiani

Round 2- Hometown Dedications

5. Nick Fradiani- "Back Home"

There is less time this season to spend on showing the hometown visits, so they will probably be a good deal less emotional than in past seasons. It seems like a lot of people in Connecticut turned out for Nick though. When did Ted Kennedy Jr. become a State Senator? Hopefully, he will not have "cursed" Nick.

I thought this song started off a bit weird with the timing, but as Nick got into it, it sounded good and he performed it quite well. I am almost wondering now if he is the rare contestant who maybe should have auditioned when he was slightly younger.

6. Clark Beckham- "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay"

Clark is from a place called White House, Tennessee, which must absolutely eat away at Al Gore. Southerners always seem to have an edge at Idol crunch time.

Musically, this was much more in line with what Clark does best than some of the other songs he has performed recently. There may have been a bum note or so, but this kind of piano driven soul interpretation worked well for him.

7. Rayvon Owen- "As"

Oh, I can tell the struggle to stay awake to watch the rest of this is going to be real and there is still about an hour left. Home for Rayvon is Richmond, Virginia, where it seemed to rain a good deal during his visit. Good thing the man wears a hat.

I do not know this Stevie Wonder song. I thought it started off a bit boring but then as it kicked it Rayvon was able to infuse some good energy into it.

8. JAX- "My Immortal"

For her hometown visit, JAX returned to New Jersey. For the sake of Idol's carbon footprint, I wonder if they had her share a jet with Nick to the East Coast. Where was Chris Christie though during her visit? How could be pass up the free exposure on national tv? No wonder he is so far back in the GOP Presidential primary polls. Maybe his team shut a bridge down for her to travel faster at least or something.

Watching this performance, I was trying to keep in mind that she is very talented, and I do not find her nearly as annoying personally as I did when the season began, but her voice sounded kind of squeaky and overly stylized on this ballad. At times, she was singing almost in a whisper.

Round 2 Rankings:

4. JAX
3. Rayvon Owen
3. Nick Fradiani
1. Clark Beckham

Round 3- Judges' picks

 9. Clark Beckham- "Earned It (Fifty Shades of Gray)"

I do not know this song, but the movie title sounds like Phillip Phillips American Idol wardrobe choices a couple years back. Clark did well with this. He sounded kind of modern and willing to "go for it" on the big notes. I think he has been much better this week than he has been in the past couple. I suppose the BDSM voters will be his now or something, unless they really like Rayvon's hat.

10. Rayvon Owen- "You Are So Beautiful"

Must keep my eyes open... well, Idol has given this song to contestants a few times before. Rayvon sang it very nicely, but it was really nothing special. It is possible that I am just already asleep at the moment though.

11. JAX- "Misery Business"

This was a good effort and she sang it well. I can see why she would be popular with High School kids, etc. I am just trying to stay awake for a little longer at this point. I will try to watch these performances again over the weekend, but I am at least confident that my rankings will be ok.

12. Nick Fradiani- "I'll Be"

Might the judges be reading my blog?  They took Nick back to circa 2005 with this song. How fitting. How many times has this been done in Idol seasons way back though? He sang this pretty well, but it's probably not the most powerful version I have ever heard.

Round 3 rankings:

4. Rayvon Owen
3. JAX
2. Nick Fradiani
1. Clark Beckham

All things considered, a decent night for all involved. The singers on "The Voice" are probably all better though. I just wish I had more time to watch those episodes, but that has not been the case lately. I will state for the final time that I wish Tyanna was up there instead of Rayvon.

Composite, with no tie breakers needed:

4. Rayvon Owen
3. JAX 
2. Nick Fradiani
1. Clark Beckham

Who was eliminated: Rayvon Owen

That was the right result, both based on last week and this week. Good job Rayvon for getting as far as you did. I do not have the time to write anymore about you.

For the first time ever, American Idol will have three Finalists? The more I think about it in my tired state, the more I realize that somebody will be cut on Tuesday night after they perform and that it will not matter. However, I do not know that for certain. Perhaps, this could be a preview of a three-way 2016 Presidential election with some left-wing third party or Independent candidate pulling a bunch of votes, but I do not know if I like this concept for Idol.

There will be two white guys with guitars, one from the South, and one from the Northeast, and one "Blue State" female. I am fairly certain that either Clark or Nick would beat JAX in a one on one contest. However, if the ultimate winner is decided based what happens on the Finale stage, the vote may be split enough for Idol to get their desired JAX victory.

I will work on the assumption that the votes from this week will lead to someone being eliminated and this is a tricky one to predict, but if there is a Final 2, I will say that Nick is out and Clark and JAX are in.


At 10:40 PM, Blogger Steve Boudreaux said...

It's highly likely it's going to be another Anglo winning the Idol crown this year!

Jax has ZERO chance of beating either Nick or Clark!

At 11:35 PM, Blogger Corey said...

They are all Anglo.

At 10:48 AM, Blogger Steve Boudreaux said...

Regardless, one of the 3 Anglos win the Idol crown on Wednesday night!

The new format: Twitter save & the stupid Judges Save will backfire!


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