Saturday, May 24, 2008

Race for the White House- 5/24/08

It has been a pretty busy and interesting week in Presidential politics, but I don't really feel like writing actual paragraphs right now, so I will just pose some questions to ponder.....

On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton won Kentucky big as expected, but maybe even by more than many expected. What does that say about Barack Obama's appeal in Appalachian states?

The same day, Obama won Oregon by a comfortable margin as most expected, but despite what many predicted a couple weeks back, and despite the big rally that Obama held Primary Night in Iowa to claim a majority of the pledged delegates, Hillary Clinton does not plan to drop out? Is she trying to gain leverage to be Obama's Veep candidate? There have been stories this week along those lines, though the campaigns deny it. Is Hillary staying in because she thinks something else might happen?

Speaking of which, what is it about Friday afternoons and politicians who used to live in the Arkansas Governor's Mansion saying the most absolutely stupid and politically damaging statements imaginable?

What in the world was really on Hillary Clinton's mind when yesterday in South Dakota, she said she felt it was ok to stay in the race because past Democrat Presidential primaries have not been decided until June of the election year, and yeah, Bobby Kennedy got shot in June.

Seriously, what the hell was that? She could not possibly be so stupid as to realize what people might think she was suggesting. Is she sleep deprived? Was she up too late this week voting for American Idol? Could she answer the phone at 3 am? Is this a window to private discussions that Bill and Hillary Clinton maybe have with each other about what might still happen to give her the nomination? Scary stuff, downright disturbing.

Does this gaffe rule out any possibility that Obama might still consider her for the ticket? If he did, would he have to hire a food taster?

Speaking of potential runningmates, how fun will the GOP shindig at McCain's place in Arizona be this Memorial Day weekend? Will they discuss the Friday release of the Senator's medical records and his wife's tax returns? What will Charlie Crist wear? Does Bobby Jindal prefer hot dogs or hamburgers? Will my man Mitt Romney bring a nice cake or pie for dessert? How about both? He can afford it. Will the Mittster help throw away the garbage? Will he park cars? Whatever it takes Mitt! He is more realistic than Crist or Jindal, isn't he?

Finally, looking ahead to what people expect to be the general election matchup, who had the better week, McCain or Obama?

Who got the best on the Cuba issue? Who is winning the fight over Obama having said he will meet without preconditions with leaders of nations such as Iran? Is the Obama campaign now trying to backtrack from that? Will McCain suffer any due to the Hagee issue now that he has repudiated the endorsement of the controversial minister and it has been revoked? Is that matter over now? Is it even on the same level as the Jeremiah Wright controversy?

What about the brouhaha surrounding the veterans' affairs bill in the Senate? Was it appropriate for Obama to suggest that since McCain opposes the particular bill, he does not have high regard for veterans? Was McCain out of line for saying that since Obama did not feel it was his responsibility to serve in the military, he has no right to question McCain's commitment to veterans?

Or was that just a glorious and beautiful smackdown that the GOP nominee delivered to his likely Democrat opponent?


At 11:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jindal (and Crist) are good Governors, but it’s a no-brainer that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is the best pick for McCain.

At 2:30 PM, Blogger sku said...

Corey, how do you think the Barr candidacy will impact McCain?

If I were McCain, I'd be worried, given the dissatisfaction of many on the right with his candidacy and the Libertarian ballot line which usually appears in a significant number of states.

In a close election, Barr, who could do better than any LP presidential candidate in history, could well make a difference.


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