Wednesday, May 21, 2008

American Idol- Wednesday afternoon

It is Wednesday afternoon, and I just want to post a couple brief comments here.

Very shortly after I did the little write up last night, I realized that Cook was going to win. I am absolutely convinced today that he will have placed first with the voting. I mean that is what Dial Idol and Zabasearch are telling us, right?

Frankly, I am a little ticked off over that, I think it is a better story if Archuleta wins, and that result, along with Cook coming in second would be the best for both of their careers. But it's only a dumb tv show, and I think both contestants will be fine with either results and that both will look forward to their next challenges both in music and in life in general. It's the rabid fan-bases that both have (and where I have been shocked at how much people go overboard to lionize one and demonize the other) that are most invested in who gets the confetti bath and who might make David Hasslehoff cry.

Cook is older, more seasoned, and is the better stage performer. He is also an extremely intelligent, and I think sincere guy and is very well spoken in interviews. My personal taste in music has always been far more oriented towards the rock genre, but I have to say that Archuleta is just a better singer. I also think that he has put more into it than anybody else this year, and natural talent aside, did have to work harder and have received more unfair flack for things that have nothing to do with music, than anyone should deserve.

The cultural biases expressed against him that I have seen online or in the media, either becase he is a Mormon, or just because he is a humble, and seemingly quite innocent and maybe naive or sheltered 17 year old were widely out of bounds. He may not be the typical teenage guy in many regards, but I just do not see how anyone could actually dislike him on a personal level. But I think a lot of people decided to vote against him for personal reasons. I also do not know the truth as to the relationship between him and his father and all that entails. Honestly, I think that is probably a bit of a legitimate problem for him, but that should make people feel more empathy towards the situation. It also might be that these stories have been far overblown either for nefarious purposes or to create a "buzz" about a show and if that were the case, the entire family was done a disservice.

Vocally, I certainly do not think last night was a "knockout" for anyone, but I have to say that Archuleta once again exceeded expectations and showed a fighting spirit to win that I found impressive. I love good underdog stories. It's sort of too bad that this one will probably not have the most fitting final scene tonight.

When it comes to debut albums, I bet Cook will outsell Archuleta. For the rest of this decade he probably will be considered the bigger and more mainstream "star" of the two.

But ten years from now? Twenty years from now? I think Archuleta will be the one who is still around the business.

The whole manipulation aspect of American Idol is just so much to ponder. Did Simon really declare it a "knockout" and be so effusive of Archuleta and so critical of Cook throughout the broadcast with the intent of creating a backlash among Cook fans and an overly mobilized vote base?

Thank you everyone for the comments. I will have more to say as we wrap up this season in the days ahead on this blog and I am a little ashamed at myself for even giving a damn for the first time about who wins and who does not.


At 9:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Conservative Democrat

Corey, I'm 7-0 in predicting Idol winners with Cook's easy win last night, taking the Idol crown succeed Jordin Sparks.

Cook makes history on the following factors:

1. First Idol winner from Missouri

2. First rocker to win the Idol crown

3. First Idol winner to come from the Midwest.

Archuleta lost because of:

1. He's Latino
2. Anti-Mormon sentiment
3. Syesha's voters bolted to Cook in droves to stick it to the Archie fans.

Corey, my prediction for next season in 2009:

The Idol crown will go back to the GIRLS: look for the Idol producers to be pressured to pick either an Asian or Latina.


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