Friday, April 04, 2008

Veepstakes- Volume 3

April is a new month but nothing has happened to make me want to alter my rankings of potential running-mates for John McCain:

1. Mitt Romney- former Massachusetts Governor and 2008 Presidential candidate (1)
2. Rob Portman- Former OMB Director and former Ohio Congressman (2)
3. Christopher Cox- SEC Chairman and former California Congressman (3)
4. Tim Pawlenty- Minnesota Governor (4)
5. Mark Sanford- South Carolina Governor (5)
6. Bob Riley- Alabama Governor (6)
7. J.C. Watts- former Oklahoma Congressman (7)
8. John Kasich- former Ohio Congressman (8)
9. Haley Barbour- Mississippi Governor (9)
10. Tom Ridge- former Pennsylvania Governor and former Secretary of Homeland Security (10)

To reiterate, while I believe McCain is likely to consider others as well, I believe only numbers one thru five on this list are very realistic possibilities.

McCain and Romney spent a day campaigning together and looked pretty friendly during an airplane photo snapshot.

With each passing week, the Senator from Arizona will be taking this task even more seriously.


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