Saturday, April 05, 2008

Race for the White House- 4/5/08

Another week and lots of questions:

Is Barack Obama closing fast enough based on recent Pennsylvania polls to actually perhaps pull out a win?

If not, by just how much does Hillary Clinton have to win by?

Can Hillary even survive a loss in Pennsylvania or a close victory?

Which Democrat is more like Rocky?

Do the Democrats realize that the real Rocky is backing John McCain?

Regardless of what happens in Pennsylvania in a little over two weeks, are Democrats chomping at the bit to get this all over with?

Does the endorsement by Hills star Heidi Montag clinch the general election for Republican John McCain?

If Spencer endorses McCain, will he have to drop out?

Who do LC and Audrina support?

Is Obama better or worse off for having the support of Jane Fonda and perhaps Jimmy Carter too?

In a general election, how much of an impact could left-wingers Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney, and Mike Gravel have on the race if they are on ballots as independent or third party candidates?

How about right-wingers Alan Keyes and Bob Barr?

Why is Obama such a horrible bowler?

Could Bob Dole outbowl him?

How about New York Governor David Peterson?

Will I return to normal paragraphs next week?

The floor is yours.


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